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The People Of Staten wrote -


After Hurricane Sandy left many on Staten Island without electricity, gasoline, cars and even their homes, we didn't wait for help to come. We rose up to help those who needed it. You can too.

Staten Strong is more than a charity--we're a community taking care of each other when and where we need it most. Founded by a group of Staten Island natives, including Theo Rossi, we're working day in and day out to help our neighbors get back on their feet after the storm. 

Your donation will help fulfill immediate needs on the ground in the Staten Island community. From purchasing clothing and groceries, to generators and building supplies--you'll be helping residents recover and rebuild after this devastating storm. Since we're a community based group right here in Staten Island, we can get your donation to the people who need it more quickly and efficiently than national charities or government organizations.

Donate today to help us return Staten Island to the place we know and love.

A Message from Theo

"When I walked out of my parents' home the day after the storm, all I saw was destruction. But there was something more. As we gathered at local spots, checked in on friends and family, made our way to the beach, and connected with each other online, I realized that the Staten Island community was still there--stronger than ever.

We set up camps. Collected food and blankets. Found people shelters. And everywhere we went, people came out of their homes--many of them damaged and dark--to give us supplies, coats, flashlights, whatever they had to help people less fortunate.

We got phone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook messages from people across the country asking what they could do to help. This is what you can do to help. Donate here, and we'll make sure it gets to the people who need it. And when we're done here, we'll go to the next place, and the next place, and the next place where people need help."



About The Boot Campaign

Staten Strong donations are processed through The Boot Campaign, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and support for American troops and the challenges they face when they return home. With this current crisis on our homeland, Boot Campaign felt the need to get involved to provide "boots on the ground" support for those in immediate need.  Boot Campaign will work with veteran organizations to make a difference NOW!  


When you donate through this page, your donation will go directly to support the boots on the ground right now in the Staten Island community.

Donate to Staten Strong today.



The Staten Strong Committee is made up of the following people:   1- Theo Rossi 2- Nicholas Carmona 3- Edward Cordiano 4- Teresa Valerio 5- Craig Callow 6- Gerard Graci 7- Michael B. Burke 8- Jen Siracusa 9- Natalie Naughton  

The Team: $42,044 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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