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CROWDRISE : Mar 03, 2014
Tax ID: 45-5367662
BASED: Norristown, PA, United States



St. Augustine Academy

SAA’s mission is to supplement classroom learning by offering academic support and enrichment through exposure to the arts, while emphasizing life skills and building self-esteem. We do this by providing assistance with homework and by encouraging leadership skills with a focus on manners, respect, and taking responsibility – all in a stable, cooperative and supportive environment.

The current enrollment of 21 girls comes mainly from Gotwals Elementary and Hancock Elementary schools.  We serve a diverse population of African-American, Hispanic, and Caucasian families.  A significant number of the girls come from low-income and/or single parent households.

Our program operates from 3 to 6 PM every Monday and Wednesday, concurrent with the Norristown Area School District’s schedule.  After arriving via the free bus, which SAA provides, the children begin their homework, working individually or in small groups with volunteer assistance.  This is followed by a nutritious meal, conversation and socializing.  The meal is prepared by volunteers and occasionally by the girls themselves or their parents.  Each girl has an opportunity to be a “table captain” which requires her to be responsible for that day’s meal from delivery through cleanup.  The captains also lead the group in a favorite activity, the “SAA cheer”.  Next, the girls do a creative activity such as writing, painting, cooking, music or drama.

For additional enrichment, we have taken our girls and some of their parents on field trips to the Barnes Foundation, the Walnut Street Theater, People’s Light & Theater, and an organic farm.  We have also funded four week summer sessions to Norristown’s ACPPA Community Art Center and have provided one week art camp sessions at the Wayne Art Center.

Most of our staff are volunteers, many being retired educators with a diverse background in teaching.  In addition, high school students help with home as part of their school community service.  SAA has two paid employees: Bethany Smith, an experienced social worker, is program coordinator and liaison with our families and the community.  Katherine Neumann is both Administrative Director and Assistant Director of Development.  In addition, because we believe that parental involvement is important to our mission, we ask parents to volunteer some service for at least eight hours per year. 

SAA, which is 501 (c)(3) accredited, greatly needs funding for general operating expenses and for the school pick-up bus service.  Furthermore, we believe that our program would benefit by providing educational tablets and hiring a music and/or dance instructor.  SAA is a small organization at this time, but we hope to add another class and extend our program to more days per week.

Our Board’s 100% participation attests to its strong belief in our mission.  On behalf of SAA’s management team, volunteers, students and their families, we sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Tax ID: 45-5367662 •


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