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Raising Money in Hope to Find a Cure For Epilepsy!

Hi my name is Melissa. I am 23 and I have Epilepsy. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 3 years ago this October. Epilepsy has changed my life and how I see things all around. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children and am married to an amazing man that has been by my side every step of the way. 

When I started noticing changed with my body was about a month after I delived my first child. I start feeling very strange and feeling very forgetful and just not knowing what was really going on sometimes. One day it was just me and my daughter home alone and I woke up one day on the floor to my daughter crying and I was rushed to the ER because I had to idea what had happened. I was admitted for testing and that night I went into a seizure and I did not want to come out of it. They were nurses on top of me medicine going in side of me, my family said it was the scariest moments they had no idea what was going on. I was put down into Neuro ICU and finally a few days later I came back and I had no idea where I was at, what happend or memory of it. I lost a few days that I will never be able to get back. Lost memory of my life because of this. 

I have petite partial complex seizures I never know when they will happen I still have them uncontrolled after 3 years. I have been to so many different hospitals been on so many differnt medications and nothing seems to help. Right now I found a doctor that is so helpful and that is so caring and determined to find something to get these controlled and I will be going to talk to a surgeon soon to get a Vagus Nerve Stimulator put in me because obviously medications do not work as well as they should for me. 

For alot of people with Epilepsy suffer with medications not working and have to have brain surgurey and if this VNS Therapy does not work for me that is the last option I have. Brain Surgery..Scary Right?! To me yes. So many get immune to medictions where they just don't and they don't have a choice. I am just asking for a few dollars. Lets help. Find a cure.. Support Epilepsy Awarness. So many people have Epilepsy and it is the shadow where not very many people she really what it is all about, and how serious of a disorder this really is. 

My seizures start in my Left Temporal Lobe of my Brain and it start 3 years ago and we are trying to pin point how I got it and all the test I have had all we see is all the activity and all the tremors but still can see how I or where exactly it starts.. I will probably never know how I have Epilepsy or where it came from. I was told by a doctor one time that Epilepsy is like a tornado that is just spins reallys fast round and round.

Some Children are born with Epilespy and some can never really live a fun and exciting life like most children because they have to wear helment due to maybe having grand mauls seizures and others may have 10-15 seizures a day, we never know when these will happen. I can have one any moment. Please any thing can help.

All money goes straight to this Charity when donated... We appreciate all your help.. STAY STRONG PURPLE ON!! EPILEPSY doesnt have us we have epilepsy


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Stay Strong Purple ON!!! Epilepsy Doesn't Have me we have it!!! 5 years ago