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St. Bernadette Parish & School

ST B School in Monroeville PA Needs Support for Catholic Education - Our School Community Tax ID 20-0473053


"It's a ministry....not a job."    -- Sister Carol Arch, principal (1982 - present)

As we work to increase Catholic school enrollment every year, and we work to develop a new future with upcoming church and school mergers, our roots remain steadfast in St. Bernadette Catholic Church of Monroeville, Pennsylvania. We will continually strive to deliver quality education and deeper learning, yet at our core, St. Bernadette’s has been a blessing in so many ways to more than thousands of students and their families since its opening in 1959.

Together, we will continue to grow as people of faith, hope, and love in a world so desperate for these virtues. Holiness, academic excellence, and well-rounded students – prepared for a global economy – are what we seek. This is what we have inherited and will leave as our legacy to our graduates and community.

Please help us and donate to this online fundraiser - - the most comprehensive, all encompassing fundraising event, bringing together the old and new of St. Bernadette’s Parish and School communities, and their surrounding networks. Like so many others, we cannot do it alone via only traditional measures anymore. There certainly is not a face or a logo to show the need for general operating costs, but the need is real with rising costs every year (one example is personnel healthcare costs). Additionally, upgrades and investments such as the Lourdes Center have improved the quality of our school experience; yet, the campaign needs to wrap-up on those borrowed monies used to build it.

Consider our faculty and staff’s love of children, tireless work ethic, and strength of daily footprints of God, and you have inspirational leaders. More so, they have all been led by a consistent, steady hand – Sister Carol Arch. For more than 35 years, St. Bernadette’s has benefitted from Sister’s hands-on leadership. It is difficult to fully express the gratitude that so many people have for the incredible dedication and loyalty of Sister Carol and all that she has provided to the institution – both tangible and intangible results.

So today, we ask for your biggest and best support ever! Please help us deliver:

*Immersion in God's Mystery,

*Servant Leadership,

*Value of Relationships,

*Richness of Sacred Scripture,

*Cultural Diversity,

*Exercise in Training a Strong Mind and Body; and

* Fullness of Catholic Identity with a pathway to the heart of our students’ life work and fulfillment.

DONATE with a favorite memory in mind of your time at St. Bernadette, or DONATE with the knowledge and observation that this school ENDURES with unmatched history, tradition, and community.



Quick Facts:

* current enrollment:  more than 300 students, pre-school thru 8th grade

* about 15 clubs and organizations for students to participate

* more than 10 athletic team options for boys and girls 

* 9 Golden Apple Teacher Awards (symbolizes excellent performance in the classroom, church and community; the program is funded by the Donahue Family Foundation; and the selection committee consists of members of the Pittsburgh Diocesan Schools Office, Duquesne University’s Education Department, and the Donahue Family Foundation)