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Moldova is the engine of the sex traffic machine across Europe
Countless girls are kidnapped or tricked into leaving the country. Hours later they are shipped to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and other nations where they are beaten, drugged and forced into prostitution.

“Moldova does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so; the government failed to follow-up on allegations of officials complicit in trafficking cited in the 2007 Report, and it did not demonstrate proactive efforts to identify trafficking victims.”(source: NationsMaster)

The beginning of Stella’s Voice dates back to the fall of communism, when the media was first allowed into Eastern Europe and began showing the dire conditions of the state-run orphan homes. Prompted by his father, Simon Cameron, Philip Cameron began taking aid to these homes.
At the first home he visited Moldova, the director asked him, “Have you ever seen a baby freeze to death?” That year alone, sixteen children and babies had frozen to death in their beds—and it was only mid-December. Philip and his Montgomery-based ministry began working to see that no child ever froze in that home again. As quickly as money could be raised, all the windows were replaced, a heating system was installed, and indoor plumbing was added. Just as the work on that home was being completed, Philip discovered another run-down orphans home in a town called Cupcui. The year was 1992. Philip walked into the home with nothing to share in the way of gifts or toys; all he had was his smile and warm embrace.

Before the next group of orphans aged out in 2007, Philip opened Stella’s House #1. Their girls began a new life after being raised as orphans.
At Stella’s House, the girls all attend school, learn life skills, and discover what it is to be part of a family. The longer they are there, the more they learn to trust and accept the love shown to them by Philip and Chrissie Cameron. They want to know what drives this couple to be so generous.
Today, there are three Stella’s Houses, home to more than fifty girls. Since the first home opened, 18 girls have completed their education and are now employed and living on their own with bright futures ahead of them.

In 2010, the first Simon’s House—named after Philip’s dad—was opened. Orphan boys are also taken into slavery in Moldova, but rather than being sold into the sex trade they are sold in Russia for brutal construction jobs. There are now twelve boys at Simon’s House (many of them are relatives of the girls at Stella’s).
Another historic event happened in 2010: the Cupcui orphanage was closed by the state. In an effort to reduce the orphan population, the government offered bribed relatives of the children to take them back: one man received fifteen ducks, a woman received a new kitchen table, and another received a new front door. Within weeks of this move, the incoming reports of abuse and neglect could not be ignored. The orphans were at high risk for unspeakable acts of violence; they were being starved or simply turned out on the streets.
Philip Cameron was asked if he would reopen and run this home. The request was unprecedented. No one but the government had ever been allowed to run an orphans home in Moldova before.
With an agreement that the building would be his for twenty-five years, and that the government would not interfere in any way, Philip agreed.
After spending $500,000 to renovate the building, the home opened in early 2011 and will be home to 130 children from ages three to sixteen.

The cameron family has many opprtunities to help these children. My donation amount requested is just a portion of the needs for the future. You may visit their site as well at



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