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Rollin Robinson, PhD's Fundraiser:

STEM Piolot program in Underserved Elementary Schools (2016-2017 school year)

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Rollin Robinson, PhD


Science Matters 4 All is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 463711914) dedicated to promoting and generating an interest in science by providing STEM education through hands-on experiments and projects to girls and boys at grade school levels. We hope to encourage children to have a life-long love for science that will enhance their lives and be a catalyst for career choices in the future.


Hands-On Science STEM Pilot Program Proposal for Elementary Schools in the tristate areas of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.  100% of donations will go to our cause.


This proposal is for offering hands on science STEM programs in elementary schools that are located in disadvantaged neighborhoods.  Selected schools will have students participate in a pilot program.  The program may consist of five different themed science STEM modules with topics on earth sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, air and space. Each module contains five classes.


The way we teach science is changing very rapidly.  Most state education departments have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards that are a new way to teach science.  The new science standards require hands-on, inquiry based, teaching methods that can sometimes be overwhelming or difficult for teachers to grasp. 


Inquiry based teaching requires a unique approach in teaching methods.  In addition, inquiry based science instructors must prepare for teaching in a way that they would not normally do in a traditional text book led class.  The expertise of Science Matters will help with improving teaching methods and preparation for providing successful, inquiry based, science modules for students.   We provide onsite and in person professional development training for all instructors involved in the program.  This is an all-inclusive service that no one else offers. 


All of our themed modules are in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and change each year in order to keep students interested and excited about attending science class.  Intervention Studies, Goals and Objectives will be employed and measured during the pilot program and may include before/after standardized test scores, grades during school year, attendance, behavior, truancy, and new teacher vs veteran teacher evaluation.     



The Best STEM Programs

Science Matters 4 All  is dedicated to engaging kids in the wonderful world of science through hands-on activities that make learning science fun and interesting.  Each class includes a combination of teacher demonstrations (TD), hands-on project (HO) and take-home project (TH).  Programs encourage investigation and use of STEM knowledge and the scientific process.  Our programs are fun with a purpose and students learn by doing hands-on science activities that are inquiry based. This gets kids excited about science and equips them with 21st century skills.


Great Teachers – Great Programs

What makes our programs great – it’s the teacher’s!  Teachers go through curriculum training to prepare them for running exciting, inquiry based STEM classes.  Our programs provide them with valuable teaching experience and classroom management techniques.   All teachers must participate in professional development training that we call The Science Matters Way before they are ready to teach their first class. Hands on, inquiry based, classes require a unique type of preparation on behalf of the teachers to prepare for exciting classes with demonstrations and hands-on content.


Class Size

Research suggests that teacher to student ratios makes a difference.  Having fewer students in a class allows teachers to spend more time with each student.  Facilitating a successful hands-on science class depends on the teacher interacting with each student and providing greater assistance to students who require it.


What Makes Science Matters Make A Great Partner

We handle everything.  We provide all supplies and materials, printed paperwork, student notebooks and parent letters to run successful programs.  We provide the professional development training to all instructors who participate in facilitating our programs.  The training will be held on site, meaning we come to your school.  We are local and it makes a difference.  Please help us to improve the way our children learn science through hands-on, inquiry, based learning methods.















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