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Step 1-2-3 Mentor For Life Intiative

Step 1-2-3 Mentor For Life Intiativ...
CROWDRISE : Nov 05, 2016
Tax ID: 81-3686238
BASED: Birmingham, AL, United States

Our Mission:

As Iron sharpens Iron, so a Friend sharpens a Friend- Proverbs 27:17

"Community service is more than just a line on resume or time served. It is the meaningful intervention by community members in actively attacking pervasive and systemic issues in ways that will counteract past effects. It is our responsibility to be mentors who “make time” because we have a duty to help develop the next generation of leaders. I benefited greatly by having mentors who were there when I needed help, encouragement, or guiding tools to take the next steps in my developmental process, while others like close friends of mine did not receive a mentor."-- Founder/Executive Director, Neena Speer


“While it is often hard to measure the benefits yielded from an effective mentoring program, research soundly proves the expansive and wide-ranging benefits of the many facets offered through a mentoring program. Even though data measures may not evidence the full range of benefits our students will experience because of any specific program, the hope and chances of making a difference in the lives of our students far outweighs whether or not we will have immediate feedback evidencing the program’s imminent successes.”—Principal at Collins-Riverside Middle School (home of our Tuscaloosa Middle School Inaugural Program), Craig Henson.



Tax ID: 81-3686238


Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative for Future Leaders

Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life I…

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1% Raised of $10,500 Goal