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"Step-Up" For Las Vegas Homeless



 For the past 2+ years I've been participating, monthly at the LV Metro, “Giving Project” where any organization may set up at a designated area and give items to those in need or that are homeless. I was first introduced to the event back in May of 2014 as a Metro Police Volunteer, helping to organize. Honestly, was shocked to see the conditions in the Las Vegas community and horrified to learn that not one organization provided the basic necessities of a NEW set of underclothes (underwear, t-shirt and socks, for men). During the drive home I formulate the plan that is now my life’s calling. FIX this problem. I couldn’t help but think; how can anyone change their life much less “feel” like making a change by putting on filthy underclothes, after a shower and how do you clean what you must wear. So, now with a clear mission in place, I needed to educate myself on the situation. Also, were there any other items that might be needed we could provide that also added back a bit of dignity? At the next Giving Project, I came with the trunk filled with 32 sets of new t-shirts, underwear and socks, thinking WOW this is great, only to feel defeated when I was wiped out in no time, was missing sizes and void of wanted styles.  I had a lot to learn. So, for the past 2 yrs. and daily I continue to, ask during many sleepless nights, WHY is this happening?

Each month since, and funding 95% out of my own pocket I grew the Step-up area. To gain information we took surveys (approx. 400+), learned the challenges, added items, changed the process and made a connection with those who came through our line. We tried to be different in our approach and instead of just handing out an items we attempted to make a connection. As month we improved or tried something new. Even the team that comes back to serve sees the difference we’ve made and are proud to help. We have worked hard to build the reputation in the streets and are known for our caring approach for each individual’s specific needs. We are changing lives. Even Metro has noticed how well-respected we are, and we have worked very hard to earn it. It’s said; “If you go to Step-up you WILL get you what you need.”

At last month’s event we managed to reach 125+ people with over 15 essential items, plus we took and gave out “55-Special Orders”. Special orders are items we buy for the individual that assist them in moving forward to gain employment and step up and we are the ONLY organization that takes this targeted approach. We now have grown to 12- 6 ft. tables of items, supported by 25-30 volunteers who work tirelessly, non-stop, for 4 hours distributing items and making a connection with those in the line.

Our challenge. We run out of items before we run out of people because of the limited funds. We just don’t have enough to supply as its exploded to over 500+ in attendance, just last month.

Needing to be bigger on Dec. 21, 2016 we received our 501c3 launching the Las Vegas People Out of Poverty Foundation (LVPOPF) and just opened our basic website to get the word out. This is our first crowd funding to tell our story and ask for the help we desperately need to reach more people.

With the Board in place and we are now working the 4-Phase plan and are going to corporate, private and community organizations for assistance to make some dramatic changes. Our target goal is simple; Show success in Las Vegas, focus on reducing the number in poverty and homeless, set the standard for other cities experiencing the same conditions in the US.    

To reach the goal we need your help, so, please join us in making a real difference with ANY amount. Also, visit the website for more details on what we give out and THANK YOU in advance for joining the LVPOPF team, TODAY!                       Visit: 



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