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Stephanie Bryant

Stephanie Bryant
United States
Stuff About Me:

Darts achieved its explosive growth in the nineteen seventies. Darters from US and Great Britain consider this highlight as darts great shift of development. It was this time that new leagues were organized by darts manufacturers and enthusiastic promoters, regional and national tournaments were publicly launched and most all, new darts products were introduced and marketed heavily. It was also the period when National and International organizations were founded, made standard rules for the game. It was indeed the taking off of this game's popularity.

With all of the growth that happened, darts enthusiasts looked for more advances leading them to study many dart reviews like that of steel tip dart reviews. Since the competitive world of darts leagues and tournaments became intense, dart players started to use technological advances to improve their game and their tools. New high-density tungsten darts were out in the market, new flight and shaft designs were radically presented and bounce-outs reduction dart boards were redesigned. With a great want for darters to look for a way so that number of bounce outs could be reduced from hitting wires, they tried different designs of dart boards. There was a variety of fastening techniques and wiring shapes applied to these types of dart boards.

Even the areas of scoring wanted to be changed because many dart enthusiasts were annoyed with it. So aside from finding solution to bounce-outs from hitting waves, an effort to solve the scoring issues was done and the early solution to that problem was the design of smaller flights mostly used by the professional steel tip darts players.

There was a young darter from California who came up with a revolutionary idea. Walter E. Bottelsen designed a dart that would come apart when it hit the dart board. What would only be left was the steel point tiny end impeding the next darts and also a tiny portion of the board being blocked by the point. Walt's invention of this dart design was caused by his experience in nineteen seventy five tournament when he was discouraged by multiple bounce-outs at darts. It was this experience that he was prompted to learn more about dart designs and created a better dart.

From then on, the likelihood of a dart bouncing out and the area blocking form were reduced giving dart players convenient scores. You may want to go here ( and check dart's latest design.



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