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"Cancer is about to get it' ass kicked by a girl" Introducing "Stephanie's List" the Craig's List for alternative cancer treatments Stephanie was beautiful in every single way. She really was the sweetest person I knew and truly had a heart of gold. But on Tues Jan the 19th 2016 , Stephanie Jennavive Catching the girl I wanted to marry, lost her life to complications from cancer. And after going threw years of the mainstream medical treatment that included chemo, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals she still died. The problem is when you get cancer most people go right past the research and blindly just trust what the doctors tell you to do. She was desperate to live and she did what she thought was right. She thought that going to the doctors and listening and doing everything they said would be her best bet to save her life. She just assumed that conventional treatment is not only the scientifically most effective way , but also the safest way. Wrong on ALL counts and that's what needs to be clarified! Because going through the mainstream medical institution is the absolute worst way of treating your cancer and the numbers prove it. There good for diagnosing it and seeing if its getting worse or not, but NOT for treating it in the vast majority of cases. The medical institution is usually great for emergency situations but to depend on them solely when treating cancer or most other diseases is unhealthy and will very likely make things worse. And when I say most likely I mean like over 90% most likely. Chemo has literally been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to actually just be a faster way to die! It creates new cancer, destroys your immune system, and even mutates your healthy cells. Fact check it this madness must stop! Most people also don't know that their really are natural and healthy ways to overcome and even cure cancer. Hardly anyone knows that in 1931 Dr Otto Warburg was even awarded the Nobel Peace prize for proving the main cause of cancer is acidity in the human body! He proved cancer cancer cannot grow nor develop in body alkalinity of 7.36. and firmly believed pollution is the main cause of cancer. In other words the cause and remedy for curing cancer has been scientifically proven!!! He won the Nobel peace prize for it and much progress has been made from his findings. Study after study are proving there are indeed different substances and protocols that can kill cancer naturally and holistically. Yet 20,000 people are still dying from cancer every single day! And last month the girl I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life was one of them. I wholeheartedly blame the cancer industry for her death because when it all comes down to it the biggest reason she didn't know these things is so that someones wallet on wall street could get a just little bit fatter and I'm DONE with that!!! Like most people she didn't know about the much more effective and healthier treatment options available that can help you beat cancer the healthy way. And that's where Stephanies List is about. To help take the guess work out of beating cancer the natural and HEALTHY way. Your telling me we can fly to the moon but yet we can't spread the truth about cancer here on earth? Well that changes today. We have a Craigslist for classifieds , an Angie's list for service listings and reviews , and now we have a Stepahie's List for Alternative Cancer Listings and reviews. So what is my goal for Stephanie's List? To make it a top listing for things to do and a ratings directory for anyone dealing with cancer, as well as a network for education and support. Recipes and protocols that heal naturally with proven track records of effectiveness and cure rates. Resources that I know in my heart would have saved her life if she only had them a few months sooner. Don't let her pain and suffering be in vain and or let anyone you know become another victim of one of the worlds most profitable business, the cancer business. Because it's a very real threat believe me, I know. 100 years ago 1 in a 100 people had cancer, 50 years ago it was 1 in 50. Today its 1 in 3 almost 1 in 2. We have to change that and you can help right now. It is in her honor that I want to help spare others from having to face the same pain that she and so many others have to go through everyday. My goal is to make safe and alternative and healthy treatments the mainstream treatment , will you help me?


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