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CROWDRISE : Feb 05, 2014
Tax ID: 45-4256684
BASED: Riverdale, GA, United States


Steps to Success

College Students: College Success

Who We Are 

Steps of Success provides financial assistance to college students in the Atlanta Metropolitan area who are low income and who need temporary assistance paying college related bills, such as tuition, room, board. Assistance is based on the student's individual needs and his/her income, so we step in and assist them with school expenses they cannot afford to cover.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help college students financially with college expenses so they can maintain and secure a financial future in school.

Steps of Success School Assistance (Financial Assistance) program is to ensure that college students are getting financial support for their college expenses that will help them establish better living conditions. Only with these tools, students will be able to establish and sustain themselves financially in their everyday lives. Our vision is to one day relinquish college debt for college students.

What We Do

Steps of Success is helping college students with their college expenses (tuition, books, room & board) who fall short in financial aid. So we step in and assist them with school expenses they cannot afford to cover. We pay on average $200 to $500 dollars per student; helping over 15 to 30 students per year.

Tax ID: 45-4256684 •


College Success: Step up to Help

College Success: Step up to …

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