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The mission of St. George’s Center is to improve the quality of life for people throughout Northeastern Palm Beach County by meeting the basic need for food, clothing, and after school care for children. Our professional staff and community of interfaith volunteers provide an atmosphere of dignity and self-respect as we support our clients’ journey toward self-sufficiency.

St. George's Center, Inc Tax ID 59-1318856


In 1989 St. George’s Center emerged from a need to feed and clothe emerged from a need to feed and clothe indigent and homeless individuals and families in the City of Riviera Beach, Florida.  St. George's Center incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in February of 1998.

                                                                                            FEEDING PROGRAM            

                                                                                  119,781 MEALS SERVED IN 2015

The Meals program consists of hot meals and bag lunches.  Hot meals are available twice a day Monday through Friday. A hot dinner is available on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month. Bag lunches are distributed on Saturdays.

Our clients include the homeless, the unemployed, and the marginally employed residents of the Northeast Corridor of Palm Beach County who find it difficult to make ends meet. The lunch meal is prepared and served by St. George’s staff and volunteers. The dinner meals are provided and served by a large group of over 850 volunteers from Churches, Synagogues, Civic Groups, and Corporations. The clients, Board of Directors, and Staff are deeply grateful to our volunteers, we could not operate without them.

                                                                                  OUT OF SCHOOL /AFTER SCHOOL 

St. George’s Center also operates an Out of School/After School Program that serves elementary age children. The students and their families are provided dinner from the evening meals program.

                                                                                               OTHER SERVICES

Hungry people have other needs. There are no other Soup Kitchens that offer the wide array of services to their clients. 

  •             Donated Clothing is distributed at lunch time            
  •            The P.O. Box can be utilized so our clients can receive mail
  •            We provide a secure place to store client’s documents
  •            A Foot Care Program, allowing individuals to wash their feet and receive a new pair of  socks is available on                             Friday during lunch
  •            Telephone and fax are made available to access other agencies
  •            As an ACCESS Partner with the Department of Children & Families we assist with Food Stamp Applications      
  •            Homeless Declaration Forms are completed to aid in securing health care

The Center’s Staff is a steady presence in the client's lives. A listening ear builds trust as staff researches and links them with other services.

                                                                               HOW YOUR DOLLARS WILL BE USED

                                                                             52,048 HOT LUNCHES SERVED IN 2015

A partnership with the Palm Beach County Food Bank provides 65% of food for the lunch meal.  Other items are needed to serve a nutricious meal. The cost falls to the Center for these items. 

                                   Vegetables                3 cases of six #10 cans a week              $100/week

                                   Plastic Eating Utensils                4 boxes of 1200 utensils      $60/week

                                   8” foam plates                                2 sleeves of 500                $55/week

                                   Soup Bowls  Friday is Soup Day  1 sleeve of 300                  $40/week

                                   8 oz. foam cups                           Box of 1000                         $30/week 


Your caring and sharing will allow us to continue serving nutritious meals to the hungry residents in our community. We need your support to meet the increased demand and thank you for our clients.

St. George’s Center is a 501-C-3 Organization in accordance with the requirements of the IRS code.  A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free 1-800-435-7352 within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. This organization retains 100% of all contributions received.  No goods and services were provided in exchange for this gift.