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St. Gregory's University

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Help another generation grow in mind, body and spirit! 

Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 this month. 

For each person we've set a goal for our family and friends to help us raise $1,000. 

Scholarships help students from all backgrounds succeed.

We have a diverse student body focused on building the foundation for a successful future.

- Over half of our students are low income.

- Over half represent racial and ethnic minorities.

- Half are the first in their familes to attend college.

Promising students face a gap between available aid and the cost of attendance. 

Our financial aid team helps students and families:

- Secure federal and state grants and loans.

- Apply for all available scholarships.

- Assess what families can afford to provide.

- Determine the realistic level of debt students can repay.

Your gift to the Centennial Scholarship Fund helps make college affordable for worthy students. 

Your scholarship support helps fill the gap between financial barriers and the opportunity for a meaningful education.