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Our Motto is : Rescue is about the good, the bad, the ugly , the old, the deaf, and the blind.

We are a puppymill rescue , we take the cast offs from the mills in Iowa, Nebraska , Kansas and Missouri.  We take all the time needed to rehabilitate them, so they are adoptable pets.  When they come in they are in very bad shape and require a lot of time, work and money to get them to what they should have been all along.

So far in 2011 we have rescued 102 puppymill dogs, 35 have already been adopted. Some of the dogs take as long as a year to get socialized and healthy. Others who came from a mill where someone might have cared a little are not so bad off.

And then there are the hard cases. Thoes that are so emotionaly damaged that we can not ever bring them around enough to be adopted out.  Thoes dogs live here with us until they die. They have no use for humans, they have never known kindness of anykind.  They are terrified of humans, basicaly they are wild dogs. Some adjust to being here and go outside and play with other dogs.  Lady poodle never adjusted, even after 2 years she was so traumatized and terrified we had to have the Vet relieve her of her deamons.

I've saved a lot of dogs.  Some from living in a horrible environment, others, by not making them live in a world that will always be terrifying. 

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