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Saving cats deemed feral or semi-feral from certain death at animal control facilities and finding them safe barn homes to live out their lives. Tax ID 27-0822372



We at St. Louis Pet Rescue do not think “feral” should be a death sentence. Starting in 2015, we began pulling feral and semi-feral cats from rural shelters (where 100% would be euthanized), getting them fixed and placing them in safe barn homes where they will be cared for and able to offer their caretakers free non-toxic rodent control for the remainder of their lives. Over 3 months’ in 2015, we pulled, fixed, and placed 17 feral and semi-feral cats. So far in 2016, 25 have been pulled, fixed, and placed. All 42(!) of these cats would have died. We want to continue this effort and save more cats from senseless deaths. To do this, we need funding to pay for vet care and supplies. Vet care can range from standard spay or neuter and vaccines to surgery for inuries or medicines for illnesses that simply need some care and time. Healthy cats are fixed/vaccinated and sent to barns. Sick or injured cats are treated and allowed to heal before going to their barn home. Often cats we pull calm down once in a safe, relaxing (non shelter)setting and we discover they are actually very social friendly cats.  Help us continue to prevent these senseless deaths.