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St. Margaret Foundation's Fundraiser:

St. Margaret Foundation

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BENEFITING: St. Margaret Foundation

EVENT: Pittsburgh Marathon 2017

EVENT DATE: May 07, 2017


The mission of St. Margaret Foundation is to be a valued source of support for UPMC St. Margaret and the health and wellness of the communities it serves.

In today’s healthcare environment many patient needs cannot always be met with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and self-payment alone. That’s where St. Margaret Foundation comes in – we “fill in the gaps with hope.”

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Examples of HOW we fill in the gaps with hope for the ill, underserved, and suffering:

  • Four shuttles for transportation to life saving chemotherapy and other treatments for patients who don't have any family or friends to drive them to the hospital.
  • Clothing and shoes for people whose clothes were destroyed as we saved their lives in the Emergency Room so they may leave the hospital with dignity.
  • A Patient Food Pantry so patients don't go home to an empty cupboard upon discharge and can have essential food staples at home to help in their healing.
  • Walkers and other medical devices for people who devices have broken and the allowable Medicare or insurance timeline is too far in the future.
  • Insulin for diabetics and other medication for patients who forgo the cost of their own health and medical needs to prioritize feeding their family.
  • And much more....


"We have people who only see their lives as far out as this month. They do not manage their lives for the future because they can barely manage financially day to day. If they can get to the end of the month they are happy. They neglect their health and their chronic conditions worsen. Then they have a crisis and the consequences are often irreversible."
~ Rod Rutkowski, Director of Health Management





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