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Dear friend, My name is April White and I am a 34 year old female living in Nebraska. I write to you today to tell you a little about myself and to ask for a big favor. Thirty-four years ago I was born to a teenage mother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can only imagine how things could have turned out for me. She did drink and do drugs her entire pregnancy. I statistically should have been born with multiple issues such as disabilities and mental health issues. I am convinced that God has much bigger plans for me because I made it out with only ear troubles. Growing up definitely wasn’t an easy thing in my mom’s house. By the time I can remember much of anything she was getting married and I thought this is the life because I will finally have a dad. I had not met my biological dad at this point and sadly I still have not. The man she married was too addicted to drugs and alcohol. My days consisted of constant control with occasions of being thrown down the stairs or just beat in general because of the type of drugs that they were using. I watched day in and day out, my parents using all sorts of drugs and drinking beer out of a keg. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get anything right. I prayed every day that something would change and I could be that little girl that my friends were able to be. My prayers were finally answered when I was nine years old. My parents both entered rehabilitation. A few short years latter my two and three year old sisters and I were taken from my parents due to a drug deal gone south. My step-dad was being accused of sexual abuse. While he had done many unacceptable things that definitely was not one of them. We were placed in three different foster homes over the course of twenty-two months until the court finally concluded that there was no wrong done to us children. We suffered many days and nights. My parents divorced shortly after that and it sent both of them in a downward spiral. One started using drugs and again and the other using alcohol. Both would leave me alone to care for my five and six year old sisters. I was in charge of getting them to school, helping with homework, bathing each night and feeding them. Eventually mom grew up and remarried a not so good man and they moved to Florida with my sisters. I went to live with my grandma the remaining high school years. After high school every young adult has a dream to go to college. I had enrolled in a community college only to find out that my mom refused to fill out my financial aid. I attended one semester and had to drop out because I could not afford the courses. I was not able to apply for my own financial aid until I was twenty-four years old according to federal law. I went back to college in the spring of 2008 just shortly after my twenty-sixth birthday. I love to help take care of people and was on track to complete the nursing program at Iowa Central Community College. I enrolled for my second year in the program in January 2011 and sadly suffered an injury that left me unable to finish nursing school due to no insurance. I had to change my course of education. While still remaining in health care I opted to finish my Bachelors of Science in Health Care Management at Bellevue University. I am employed full time working for a great company with the most humble owner but it is unfortunately not in the health care field. I write to you because I am unable to afford my student loan payment. I have had some serious health issues come up and a new diagnosis of PTSD from my childhood that have to be figured into my hourly earnings. I have rent, utilities, car payment, car insurance, cell phone, doctor bills along with a few other bills that total out to $2134. This leaves little for food or basic necessities and nothing to apply to my student loans. This holds me back from many things in life. I have not gotten married as of this time because I do not want to drag this student loan debt into my relationship as he is debt free, I am not building any money towards retirement at this time because I can’t afford to contribute and feel guilty when I do have a little extra to contribute to it. I have not had children yet as I do not want to bring those children into this debt. Not being able to contribute to my student loan makes me feel like a horrible person. I do need additional courses in order to further my career. I do not want to accumulate more debt. I do not want to drag my debt into many years. I want to be a functioning and contributing member of society. I want to be able to give back to those in need over and over again. I do currently volunteer my time to a homeless shelter, the Teammates mentoring program and the local food bank in Omaha. I have done a lot of research and there are some wonderful programs out there that work with people who volunteer to help wipe out their student loans along with a few other organizations but I do not qualify for those as they are either not in my state at this time or I am not in the correct field to receive the assistance. I often think to myself if my mom would have just filled out my financial papers I would not be in the boat but then again I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without that so getting mad will not fix the problem. I just want to be able to sleep at night and not worry and fret all of the time. I do not want you to feel bad for me as this is not a woe is me letter but a little about me and to ask for your assistance. I will make sure to give assistance tenfold in the future as I am able. My student loan totals out to be $54,900 (and accumulating). I be happy to provide my student loan statement for your viewing purposes should you request. I can manage the rest of my finances on my own I just need help in this one area. Any funds you would be able to allocate to it would be helping me so much. I don’t want to be another American statistic with student loan debt. I want to get married and have children but I can’t bring them into this kind of a debt. Once my student loan is paid for in full I will be able to move forward to continue my education to a more advanced level but until this debt is taken car of I can’t rationalize taking it and accumulating more debt. Thank you so much for your time and I really hope that are able to help. April White


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April White

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