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Stop Bully Labeling - Learn Advocacy - Be the Difference

Organized by: Kayla Crowe

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Launching today on April 2nd, 2016
April 02, 2016

Figured launching on April 1st would get some "what?" groans, as most of my friends and family might think I was joking around. But bullying See More


Project hashtags: #stopbullylabelling #RCArmitageHelpUS  #Chloesstrugglebullylabelling @ChloesStruggle @kcrowemcp #RCArmitage #sensitivekids #forChloesStruggle

Chloe is a sensory child, she is 7 years old and because of unfair practices at her public school was bullied, humiliated and daily anxiety due to the circumstances of her public school experience. She is bright, vibrant and an independent learner. She is currently undergoing therapies and homeschooling after a very frustrating time at standardized school. In late 2014 she was enrolled in a public school for Kindergarten (5K) at a district school that promised a gifted program that would start in 2nd grade. The difference between 5K and 1st grade with regard to Chloe's development were worlds apart. In her Kindergarten year she was given full special services (including occupational therapy) services she was not supposed to receive because a 504 was barely in place. Then when the 504 was revised and actionable before the 2014-15 school year for 1st grade the school had budgetary cuts and those services were in some cases denied, in all cases completely understaffed. Though the school tried there best, most days began like this. Kayla spent over 2 hours every morning convincing a sobbing Chloe to go to school that it would be alright and that her friends would not be mean to her about her "special time" or her needs, (every day they would pull her out of class activities for "break time" which in most cases was socially and physically disruptive). Once they arrived at the school (after start time - sometimes an hour after), Kayla had to physically carry Chloe into the main office and wait for an attendant whose job it was to do transition and take her the classroom. If that went well and she went willingly, Kayla could leave and go to work (an hours drive away). Most days (3 out of 5 a week) Kayla got a call from the school administrator before she even got to work (within 45 minutes of drop off) and was told to come back and pick Chloe up. Kayla would have to turn around and go back to the school, demoralized and empathetic. She would arrive to retrieve Chloe and find her placed in a room with a small observing window, carpeted walls, harsh lighting and an old fashioned desk. It looked like a silence chamber. She was appalled and frightened, yet the sensory deprivation that would humiliate and frighten most adults was a calming room for Chloe. She dutifully went in there, played her own games, colored pictures, talked to herself. But it did not sit well for Kayla, and this went on for months, some weeks were worse than others. Some days Chloe did not make it to the school building, Kayla would simply do her work from home. According to the school; Chloe consistently got into verbal advocacy matches with teachers and administrative staff; She refused to attend recess after lunch because she was afraid of bullying or being rejected for play; and she got into physical retribution driven acts with her peers. Most of the reports that Kayla read were as follows, "teacher saw Chloe hit a child, Chloe said she was hit first, no further action was taken". The records at school indicated tardiness, consistent unexcused absences and no less than 6 administrative write ups (one step below expulsion) in a 3 month period. Kayla read up on Special services, and began the process that converted a 504 into an IEP, this is what kept Chloe in limbo between receiving services and being granted services. That process was painful for Kayla who felt she was teaching the administration what it was their protocol and initiative to do. When Kayla read up on her states Homeschooling initiative and saw a way to meet goals and a safe environment she immediately filed her forms with the state and removed Chloe from public school. Whether Chloe was the bully or being bullied it was still unclear, but the truth remains it was not a safe or healthy environment for her to learn in. She refused to do homework, something that a child who loved school the previous year should not be doing. Previous to public school she had been in a Montessori school that advocated self awareness, empathy and independent learning. Kayla could not afford to place her in a full time Montessori Academy for regular "grade" school, and tried to use the public school system. By the end of 2015 Chloe was excelling in her reading "class" (a distinction of reading levels for peers) and tries new things, interacts with peers and other children with fairness and empathy. She has her days sometimes when she wants to play more or wants to be alone, but in general she is healing. As a parent, Kayla feels awful about how long she let that treatment go on at the school, but thought there was no other options for her. Learning about special services issues and advocating for your child became a full time job during the IEP process, but nothing would work as well as simply removing her from that environment and starting anew.

Kayla is hoping that others can learn from her mistake. Get your children assessed, teach them to self advocate and never let bullying become an accepted behavior for "children". On to the project: Last year (2015) Richard Armitage, an actor of renown and respect became an ambassador for CyberSmile, a foundation that helps to assert anti-bullying politics, lobbying and web retraction. They want to support those victims of Cyber bullying. Though Chloe did not have this happen, verbal assaults, physical assaults and social outcasting are prevalent in virtually, (no pun intended) every society in the world. This campaign is intended to raise funds for therapies for those who have been bullied as well as supporting an organization that desires social change and social responsibility. Kayla's production firm is looking to work on an art project with Richard Armitage, auctioning off art work and images of the actor, signed or unsigned, in order to raise funds for Cybersmile Foundation. To this aim we are asking for donations in any denomination towards this cause, as well as social media blasts to get Richard enlivened to help spread the word.

We are also looking to raise combination funds for Young Minds UK in order to support mental health programs for children and at risk youth. When you make your donation you can specify which organization you are choosing to support. And hashtag our campaign with your supporting organization @Cybersmile or #Cybersmile   OR  #YoungMindsUK  @YoungMindsUK 

Project hashtags: #stopbullylabelling #RCArmitageHelpUS  #Chloesstrugglebullylabelling @ChloesStruggle @kcrowemcp #RCArmitage #sensitivekids #forChloesStruggle

If you are wondering how the money is helping Chloe directly, just ask her.
@ChloesStruggle (twitter) or on this campaign site. We are putting out of pocket monies every month for therapies, occupational and psychological, enrolling her in various activities and training for socialization and better self management. But its hard to do this alone. Some of the raised funds will go towards to helping Chloe's struggle personally.
If you want to donate specifically to Chloe put the hashtag #forChloesStruggle in your donation note.



Organized by

Kayla Crowe

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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