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Stop College Graduates from Making a Terrible Decision

Organized by: Constance Rogers

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Lawyers, as a whole, are reviled by society. There are terrible lawyer jokes and when people hear that lawyers are buried under crushing debt, they feel no pity. But lawyers weren’t lawyers when they made the decision to attend law school. They were merely ill-informed young adults who saw few paths to success. They believed the empty promises and lies told by an industry trying to keep the student loan gravy train moving. My goal is to shut down law schools. With your help, I will shut down as many as I can. Why? Because they induce tens of thousands of students every year into borrowing student loans that they will never be able to pay back. And this not only hurts those students. It also hurts every single taxpayer who finances their corrupt scheme. Today, the average graduating law student with student loans owes $140,000. Many owe more than $200,000. And they have absolutely no chance of paying those loans back. Yet they’ll spend virtually their entire working lives trying to pay those loans off. When they fail to do so after 25 years, the loan is forgiven. But that comes with a heavy price from the IRS, which will view that forgiven debt as income. Instead of thinking about retirement, they will worry about how they’ll find a way to pay off a lump sum likely exceeding $75,000 in a single year. All of this is true because there are too many law schools in the United States. Sending students to law school with government loans is a losing proposition for everyone involved, except for law schools. They profit heavily from government funded higher education. And it is precisely because of student loans that law school tuition has quadrupled since the 1990s. Law schools graduate approximately 40,000 new lawyers every year. Yet the legal field only requires a small fraction of that number. And an even smaller fraction of those available jobs will pay enough to enable lawyers with loans to ever repay them. Law schools churn out so many graduates because there are currently 203 American Bar Association approved law schools in the United States, 49 non-accredited schools, and 4 proposed law schools that have yet to open their doors. That’s a total of 252 law schools that are currently accepting students and charging them thousands of dollars in tuition alone, with more on the way. Compare this to the 172 medical schools, 140 pharmacy schools, 65 dental schools, and 30 veterinary schools. The reason there are so many law schools is because so many students are applying to law school. The reason more students choose to go to law school than other professional schools is multifaceted. They believe that lawyers make a lot of money and that they are highly respected by society. They know that the job market is bad, especially for young people with liberal arts degrees and no experience, and they think that getting a graduate degree and waiting for the job market to improve is a good idea. They overestimate their abilities and underestimate how abysmal the job market is. Most importantly, they fail to understand that it is vital that they go to a highly-ranked school if they even want a fighting chance at a good job. There are a number of websites dedicated to exposing law school for what it is – a scam. And if you pay attention to the news, major outlets routinely publish articles and opinion pieces about what an awful idea law school is and that the legal job market is in the toilet. But those approaches are clearly not working. There are far too many law schools preying on the desperation of naïve, young, and yes, poor, people with unachievable dreams. A different approach is required. I want to go to universities and colleges and speak directly to students thinking about law school. I want to expose the lies that law schools tell to prospective students and open their eyes to realities of crushing debt and a dismal job market. I want to reduce the number of applicants to second, third, and fourth tier law schools to zero. My goal is to shut down law schools. As many as I can. As fast as I can.


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Organized by

Constance Rogers

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