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It is my humble duty to inform you that STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN, a nonprofit organization with dedicated staff of professionals and volunteers, is working round the clock to fight the widespread cases of malaria among children in Senegal. 

The organization has started consultation days 31th April 2017 and will made a significant different by preventing Thousands of children to fall prey for this menace. The association will gets exceptional results and grows each day. 

Thanks to our donors, STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN provides medicines to sick children and also the essential nutrients for growth. We want educate families and invite them to attend the conferences we organize. Soon after the establishment of this organization, it has witnessed amazing level of growth due to its noble mission. There is nothing more precious than children's health and each of us feels bad if we see a sick child. We know we have a long way to go. 

We must always look for ways to enable STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN so that it should always be there for all the children in need. We never want a child dies due to malaria just because his parents cannot afford the necessary drugs. All of world's children are your own children and the affection you feel for your own children, you certainly feel for all the other children in the world, without differences of sex or religion. We know it and because your own children are the window through which you view the world, you should see the world with the same compassion, love and affection you have for your children and your loved ones. And if you have no children, consider that all the world's children are yours. So you have the largest family ever to take care of. 

Through STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN, our community leaders, volunteers, and staff are helping everyone answer these questions. We are helping people in our community so that they could: Learn what to do when their child is sick Respect and fulfill the rights of every child Their relationship with health services they have in their localities Engage in personal or community efforts to improve quality of life for children Your participation in these efforts will be a step forward for us to reach our goals faster. 

This campaign of STOP MARALARIA FOR CHILDREN to prevent malaria cases is in full swing and this organization believes that all children deserve compassion, love and care irrespective of their background, cast or religion. Mission of this organization is: Prevent malaria by sanitizing infested areas and distribution of mosquito nets to families Total coverage of treatment for children suffering from malaria Ensuring proper nutrition for children, toddlers, by providing foods that promote healthy growth Broaden support for sick children To provide assistance for the prevention and treatment of other diseases that threatens children's lives This organization has partnerships with reputed hospitals to treat children as well as running awareness campaign. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN offers the resources and support that people need to fight malaria for everyone in our community. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN determines its action zones (one after another). STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN partners with hospitals in targeted areas for quick care of sick children. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN assists sick children in the hospitals and home. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN buys drugs against malaria under prescription of the doctor or nurse, and monitors the treatment. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN keeps track of the sick child throughout his convalescence. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN assigns each child a personal patient record tracking. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN works hand in hand with doctors. 

STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN aims to eradicate malaria by remediating all infested areas of the city of Kaolack and all others Senegal cities. To perform all these activities, our yearly budget needs significant amount of donations so that the mission should be kept going. We are collecting all types of donations and we have made our payment options very convenient for our worthy members. 

Through a gift to STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN, you will help provide the resources and support to children in our community those deserve to live a life. Those who are lacking resources to treat their children, your gift will make a significant impact in their lives. 

Your gift may be made in memory of someone or in honor of someone. Through a gift to STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN, you will make Healthcare better for every child in our community. You will help our children LIVE WITHOUT MALARIA! Please donate ASAP for this cause and be counted. 

Your donation will make a significant difference. Our donation centers are open and you are invited to pay a visit there anytime. 

We look forward to your prompt ACTION to our donation request for a better facilitation of the TOTAL CARE of children. Thanks in anticipation! Visit our website: 


Lasse Khar BA 

President of Stop Malaria For Children



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Lasse Khar is working on selecting a charity so you can support STOP MALARIA FOR CHILDREN IN KAOLACK CITY, THE MOST MOSQUITO INFESTED CITY IN SENEGAL.