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Organized by: Branden Rutland

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Victim of a organized Hate Crime and Race based Retaliation

My personal message to readers is to convey that i am fighting everyday and experiencing the process of a organized Hate Crime. This is retaliation that involves race based discrimination, financial discrimination and a right to a education. The party involved is clearly Signals intelligence members in the U.S or those with access to the information. This also includes the internet surveillance and intelligence community in the U.S. Foreign parties are or may be involved contracted, and outsourced labor in the Department of Defense.

What am i asking for?

Assistance and fundraising support to launch a preventative measure against organized crime and hate crime. Regardless of the source of the harassment, some things are proven and being denied as forms of harassment and hate crimes. Law enforcement and the U.S enforement agencies are not taking any action in what is electronic froms of sexual and physical abuse that produce the atmosphere of torture remotely. These institutions make a effort to deny the existence and the science behind the electrical systems this country operates on. These institutions are denying simple science and neruoscience. Engineering and the practice areas that would result i nthe production of these technologies are being denied. The government  refuses to act and respond to requests for assistance and is enacting personal opinion on matters outside thier area of expertise.  

Law enforcement is willing and trained to support voluntarily or due to lack of training or knowldge the denial of simple science and eletrical forms of weaponry or technology available to the general public.

As a result i have receive no assistance from 40 U.S law enforcement agencies i have contacted and never received a response in the two years i have been under assault. This includes emails, and phone contact and messaged left to state and national OIG offices. I have also contacted a similar number of hospitals and education institution on the topics of neuroscience and neurobiology. The topics of concern is nanobiology and microbiology.

A clear message is received, that none of these institutions are willing to stand against the U.S for any reason or purpose or assist and research into the matter. Even with funds available the facilities are closed to private interest leaving this up to general hospitals and facilities with no expertise and education on the topics.

How would funds be used?

The purpose of the funds are to as mentioned to address and provide protective measures against this form of assault and human exploitation. The nature of the technology allows for "Remote Surveillance and Remote Manipulation via Electricity".

Research is required as i intend to initiate a victim outreach based on the success i may come across. This success i based on the availability of preventative resources and a few to mention, GPS Jamming capabilities, RF Jamming capabilities, UV/IR detection and prevention measures. Military class countersurveillance measures are required to observe and evaluate the integrity of this type of assault. The systems used to conduct the assault are military class and developed systems to match and support a invasive surveillance program with the intent to "mutilate" and "experiment on human subjects".

The technology to be investigated, "These do exist and are a know function fo signals intelligence and remote viewing programs involving satellite surveillance systems and techniques by the U.S/China/EU/UN"

UV(ultra violet spectrum signals.modulated or masers i.e LET),

IR (infrared minitoring systems i.e GPS)

EMF(Electromagnetic Fields i.e Smart Meters, Ionosphere, Cell Towers)

EMR (Electromagnetic radiation by products of signals present RF,Cell signals modulated, HZ signals modulated, High Frequency Signals and ELF/SLF)

Thermodynamics and Laser Optics and UV Optics involving phasing and manipulation of Photons and electrons in a EMF field.

Equipment and Medical Research/

The funds would be used directly to pay for medical research tests. The equipment required to conduct investigation and Degauss material or preventative material i.e Jamming equipment.

The medical portion would consist of naturopathy visitis, chelation therapy, hyerbaric treatment, vitamins. Other fund uses are specifically for Lawyer fees and college assistance while this harassment is intended to defraud me of financial success.

Email: stopcorruptionU.S@live.com




Organized by

Branden Rutland

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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