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Organized by: Charles Swofford

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EVENT DATE Dec 10, 2015


Petitioning Attorney General of the United States The United States Justice Department

The People of the State of Florida v. Rick
Scott, et al

Reid Friedson and The People of the State of FloridaReid Friedson and The People of the
State of Fiorida444Supporters

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA demand the United States Justice
Department immediately investigate and indict Rick Scott and Associates who evidently engaged
in or aided and abetted corrupt racketeering while conspiring against our civil interests.

1. The Governor's abuse of power is not limited to unconstitutional breach of fiduciary duty,
criminal and civil negligence, nepotism, and conflicts of interest. His Administration, its
Appointees, and Associates have engaged in unprecedented wage theft and unconstitutional
union busting against the interests of Florida workers.

2. If Florida were to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 hour, the state Food Stamps site
his Administration oversees would perhaps not overload at cost to Florida taxpayers. Sadly,
many hungry Food Stamps recipients are skilled low wage workers, veterans, active duty
military, and the disabled.

3. The Florida state unemployment site also constantly fails depriving industrious People of jobs,
income, and statistical importance. Often frustrated ironically with a non-working jobs site, job
seekers give up, and so their poverty and unemployment numbers go undocumented. Never in
Florida's long history have more working people been forced onto federal Food Stamps by a
hideously low state wage policy depriving the People of Florida Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

4. Rick Scott's Administration has also engaged with its Associates in widespread state and
federal constitutional violations amplified by widespread judicial misconduct. Discrimination
against minorities, women, and Planned Parenthood, as well as gay and transgender citizens has
long been an unconstitutional policy stance for Rick Scott and Associates. The Governor has
ignored the state and federal constitutions to use his public office to further his own private
agenda while ignoring our public trust.

5. Rick Scott's policies have put unprecedented numbers of Floridians in private jails and prisons
using body commissions. Suspicious deaths are increasing in Florida's jails and prisons. Rick
Scott has directly participated in conviction corruption that keeps frame-ups intact resulting in
mistaken rulings and execution(s). Police abuse and vigilantism is growing in Florida.

6. In violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Rick Scott has
wrongfully tried to drug test state employees by using his executive influence to increase profits
for his own wife's pharmacy company. This is clearly a nepotistic conflict of interest. Scott
actually signed an illegal executive order ordering drug tests for state employees. Drug tests are


one of the more popular services provided by Solantic. He's also suggesting they do the same for
welfare recipients. This is a conflict of interest. Apparently, Rick Scott would like to see more
Floridians in profit seeking jails and prisons for drug offenses from which his family can
personally profit.

7. Rick Scott is violating the public trust of a near majority who voted him into office. Even
Republican criminal investigators are shocked at the criminal enterprises Rick Scott has led. His
offenses are not limited to his $1.7 billion in Medicare-ColumbialHCA fraud which he and
Associates embezzled from sick old people and the American federal taxpayer. When Rick Scott
has chosen not to remain silent under oath, he has committed perjury. Rick Scott's hidden asset
tax evasions require scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of

8. We the People of the State of Florida demand restoration of our most basic voting rights
infringed upon by Rick Scott, his Associates, and the State of Florida. Evidence indicates Rick
Scott has engaged in elections fraud and deception not limited to voting machines and tampering
with software. He has discriminated against African Americans and Democrats in Florida in an
attempt to unconstitutionally suppress their voting rights. Forensic investigation of vote counting
procedures and validation by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) is immediately warranted
for past and future elections in Florida.

9. Rick Scott has filed false financial statements for election( s) and he has illegally used his
office to promote his reelection campaign. He has illegally used taxpayer funds to finance the
distribution of campaign letters. The Republican Party of Florida which Scott leads has engaged
in illegal voter suppression and elections violations beyond simply gerrymandering.

10. The People of the State of Florida decry the negligence of the Florida Ethics Commission,
the Attorney General, and Inspectors General most of whom he appoints or directs. Some of
Rick Scott's clear ethics violations include using uniformed deputies when many of them did not
back him and felt they were being used as political pawns. Even the Florida Ethics Commission
has to admit Rick Scott is the only Florida public official to use "blind trusts" over which he
actually does have knowledge and control.

11. Rick Scott's conflicts of interest are legion. His deals raise serious question about the
effectiveness of and corruption at the Florida Ethics Commission and Public Service
Commission which in many cases Rick Scott appoints. Rick Scott has shepherded specialty
contracts for Medicaid through his former finance chair. He has awarded state incentive
packages to companies in which he has owned stock. He has denied federal money to privately
fund a rail line linked to his former staffers. He has even made the hugely profitable marijuana
industry a state monopoly, a policy which the original Tea Party crowd actually protested in

12. Rick Scott has a stake in a $3 billion oil pipeline venture he and his Appointees have backed.
The hugely expensive pipeline will destroy the Florida wildlife he has sworn to protect. Rick
Scott has moreover misallocated Florida Constitution Amendment 1 funds and failed to enforce


the federal Clean Water Act. Rick Scott has violated our federal and state constitutions in his
pursuit of private greed at state and federal taxpayer expense.

13. Rick Scott has engaged in corrupt racketeering and mismanagement of Florida's sacred trust-
---its lands, parks, and waterways including the Everglades. The Koch Brothers have destroyed
public lands and education in Florida. Georgia Pacific, a Koch owned company, has polluted the
St. John's River. The Indian River and St. Lucie Estuary and other state waterways remain toxic
poison to people and wildlife.

14. We the taxpayers ofthe State of Florida refuse to be billed for Rick Scott's crimes settled in
or out of court. We demand Rick Scott stop taking Department of Environmental Protection
(DEP) funds to pay his and Attorney General's legal bills especially for out of state litigation. He
has also used state funds to provide private security for Republican governors to aid in his
campaign for reelection.

15. We the People of the State of Florida demand the Rick Scott Administration cease and desist
in its violations ofthe First Amendment as well as Florida's Sunshine Laws. Open meetings
violations by this Administration are not limited to Florida Department of Law Enforcement
(FDLE) Commissioner Gerald Bailey. Additional blatant constitutional violations are widely
witnessed throughout Florida's state colleges and public universities especially with regard to
adjunct faculty. Rick Scott has settled numerous law suits for $1.3 million and they include
public records violations not limited to the Governor's use of private email accounts for state

16. Rick Scott and his Associates have demonstrated a pattern of criminality in which he has
delayed or refused requests for access to documents, financial statements, tax returns, and other
documents the People of Florida have a right to demand, access, and inspect. Instead Rick Scott
and his Appointees have engaged in widespread concealment and obstruction of evidence costing
taxpayers millions of dollars.

17. Rick Scott and his Appointees have engaged in education malpractice and negligence. The
result is damage to Florida primary, secondary, and college and university students, teachers,
parents, taxpayers, and the State of Florida in general. He has deprived teachers of pensions and
students, parents, and taxpayers of a corruption-free education.

18. We the People of Florida do not accept the corporatization for private profit of our decaying
public educational institutions. Florida education still leads to the bottom. State college and
public university trustees, foundations, and administration policies and budgets must be
examined since federal funds, interstate commerce, and federal and state constitutional violations
with massive student debt and extremely low faculty wages are involved. Most of Florida's
teachers are under-paid. Most professors in Florida are paid starvation wages and they are not
paid in Florida and the various states for all hours worked in violation of the Fair Labor
Standards Act (FLSA).

19. Rick Scott has refused federal funds damaging the People of Florida. Governor Scott remains
in contempt of the United States Congress still denying Floridians access to basic affordable


health care. He has deprived citizens of Medicare and Medicaid. 17,000 Floridians have died
under Rick Scott's refusal to expand Medicaid to meet the needs of those who fall into the
coverage gap between qualifying for Medicaid and the not so affordable health care coverage
offered under Obamacare. Over 3,000 people die due to lack of health insurance every day in
Florida and Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the nation. Over 1 million
Floridians remain uninsured and 238,000 veterans have died waiting for health care. All
Floridians deserve access to the real affordable health care that Florida Governor Rick Scott
obstructs and evades.

20. Rick Scott has evidently conspired to engage in criminal fraud and corrupt racketeering. He
has engaged in deceptive practices harming the State of Florida. He has decried government
waste while using $800,000 from the People of Florida to pay for decadent mansion upgrades.
He has misused public funds allowing the Lieutenant Governor to bill taxpayers for his private
trips to Miami on personal business four (4) days a week and only shows up for work four (4)
days a month to collect his full salary from the State of Florida.


The evidently corrupt, unethical, and civilly punishable pattern of practices by Rick Scott and
Associates demands immediate federal investigation and prosecution.

19 August 2015

Letter toAttorney General of the United States The United States Justice DepartmentRead
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