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not robocop: greening of detroit

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Alissa Shelton


You’ve heard the big buzz about erecting a Robocop statue in Detroit. There are plenty of reasons not to, and even more when you realize a huge chunk of metal will cost $50,000. That’s $50,000 that could be used for really good things. Instead, let’s raise $50,000 for 5 organizations that move our city, 5 real Detroit heros, instead of purchasing a fictional champion who’s never done much for Detroit.

Let’s not erect a huge memorial to standing stagnant instead of moving our city forward.

So here’s the plan, let’s donate $10,000 each to 5 worthy Detroit organizations, ones we’ve seen in action saving the city.

The fifth org we've choosen is the Greening of Detroit.

"The Greening of Detroit was founded in 1989 to improve the quality of life in Detroit by guiding and inspiring the reforestation of Detroit's neighborhoods, boulevards and parks through tree planting projects and educational programs. Over the years The Greening has expanded its outreach to include a broad sector of greening activities. Its mission reflects this growth: “Guide and inspire the growth of a ‘greener’ Detroit through planting and educational programs, environmental leadership, advocacy, and by building community capacity.” Annually, The Greening hosts planting projects, ranging from full park restorations to streetscape renovations and massive street tree plantings to the creation of community and family vegetable gardens."


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