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Tracy Gibson's Fundraiser:

Stores Aimed at Empowering Black Youth

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Tracy Gibson


Think about it. Aren't you tired of walking down the street and feeling threatened and scared of Black youth, especially young Black men, when you are in inner city areas? Well, they are a large part of the problem in inner cities, but so are the CIRCUMSTANCES they live under. They have to put up with high amounts of crime, high rates of high-school drop out, high unemployment, low literacy, math and science skills, little feelings of belonging to a system that truly cares about them. They often feel out of place, alone and frustrated with a system that doesn't seem to care. They often feel helpless, alone and even angry and willing to lash out in frustration... I want to and plan to implement the construction of two stores (One in Philadelphia and one in Wilmington, Delaware) that cater to the needs and concerns of Black youth and that provides a positive incentive to stay in school, learn and obey the law, and stand as a pillar to create positive role models among Black youth. We also want to and will build responsibility and reliability among Black youth--both young men and young women.... Let's face it, they DO need to learn manners, respect for elders and they need to attend church and Mosque more often to attain the proper values all adults should have... When this is done we will create good, solid citizens as opposed to people who don't care and feel destructive and left out of the loop of finance and society.... This will save the lives of Black young people, boys, girls and young adults, and also save the lives of the people who would have been their crime victims. It will also save millions and millions of dollars in Federal, State and local tax dollars that would have gone towards their incarceration and jail sentences because they will be law abiding--not law breakers. That money can be spent on re-building North America's infrastructure & positive institutions while putting Black, Latin and poor people BACK TO WORK. The project will build stores that sell progressive books, (and books by this author), as well as posters, Tee-Shirts, greeting cards and educational DVD's & CD's--if we can find such a thing so sell. I think we will be a big success and expand across the country....



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