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CROWDRISE : Jan 29, 2016
Tax ID: 31-4420546
BASED: Mount Vernon, OH, United States


Save Stained Glass!

Historic stained glass windows- the oldest imported from France in 1868, are at risk due to to decaying wood frames. A project, originally fosused on one window was forecast to require about $13,000 in funds. Now we understand that it is closer to $140,000!

St. Paul's Episcopal Church dates back to the very beginnings of Mount Vernon, OH in the early 19th Century. It remains a vital part of not just the worship community, but the service community in Mount Vernon. How so? Read on!

  • Interchurch, a social services organization that combines many churches, was housed here when it was founded in the late 1960's
  • Our youth group started a drive to give toys and clothes to children without resources. This is now a community wide project that fills a gymnasium with gifts offered by people from all over Knox County.
  • In 2010 Mount Vernon's first winter shelter for the homeless was housed in the Parish House. The community once again embraced the concept and now the shelter has its own structure and staff. 

After giving so much to so many for so long, the Church itself needs help from the community. Which community? 

You might be in our community if:

  • You care about preserving historic stained glass.
  • You care about preserving small town history.
  • You have been nurtured or supported in such a church- anywhere in the world.
  • You desire to give back.
  • You are Episcopalean. Natch!

We are grateful for all the support we receive from around the world. Please donate even a small amount- and then tell your friends. We would like to retire this need quickly so we can get back to doing what we do best: giving ourselves in service.


Tax ID: 31-4420546


Stained Glass History at Risk

Stained Glass History at Risk

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