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capri suns for students

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August 04, 2010

@sophiabush has inspired me. Let's see what kind of influence us little people can have... Shall we?  See more
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Let's collect as many Capri sun pouches as we can while they are offering to donate money to schools. (box tops too!)

Let's not let even one pouch end up in our landfills. Donate your empty pouches to a local school (even if you don't go there or have children). Or... Mail them Mary E. Wells Jr. High at 82 Marcy Street Southbridge, MA 01550 with a note that includes your name and our url Anyone who donates 25 or more pouches (less than six dollars worth) to that school or ten dollars or more to this charity will recieve a handmade, one of a kind, Heart on Your Sleeve bracelet.

This is a two for one deal! You can help the environment and support education at the same time. Education can't solve all of our problems but without it we can't solve any of them, so no matter what causes you support this one supports you!

Feel free to post comments about how many you've collected and any ideas you have for collecting more. Also please share this site with everyone you know, or at least anyone who might be interested in helping out. Thank you in advance for all your support! I know we're gonna rock this!!



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