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Vincent Nyonda-Fisher's Fundraiser:

Big Sur 2017

Vincent's Photo
Vincent's Photo

BENEFITING: Street Child Us

ORGANIZER: Street Child Us

EVENT: Big Sur International Marathon

EVENT DATE: Apr 30, 2017

Vincent Nyonda-Fisher


My name is Vincent Fisher and I am fortunate enough to be attending the best public university in the world, and to be benefiting from an education. However, millions of girls around the world cannot say the same.

I grew up loving school, raised by my grandmother who, despite having dropped out in 6th grade, managed to raise 10 kids and 1 grandchild and put us all through school. Every one of her children graduated; I'm the last of the kids she raised and my acceptance into Cal was her pride and joy.

Just last year, before getting into Cal, I was near ready to just drop out, adopting the mindset that "I never made it to varsity sports, but I could one day say I was a varsity dropout." With this goal in mind, I moved back to Gabon in Africa to live with my grandmother (for that but also because her health was failing). While there with her, we'd reminisce about the old days as she often likes to do. It is then that I regained the love I had for learning and realized the crucial importance of pursuing a higher education. I went on to apply and to become the first of my family to attend university.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who pushed me to be my best self and pursue an education. I say fortunate because, as few of us here in the Western world understand, some children across the globe do not have that same luck of having parents pestering them to go to school. Heck, some don't even have the chance of attending school.

For this reason, I want to invite you to join me in being that person for the many girls who are denied an education in countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia. On April 30th 2017, I will be running for these underprivileged girls. I am reaching out for your help to raise $1,500 for this run! Every bit helps: from that crumbly $1 bill tucked in your pocket to the $100 you are generous enough to give for a cause that will only have positive effects for the world as a whole.

Since January 2015 we have put more than 40,000 children - including 20,000 Ebola orphans - back into school. With your help, that number can be doubled!

The Team: $3,175 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Cassidy McDonald

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112% Raised of $1,500 Goal

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Bella Chaffey

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68% Raised of $2,200 Goal

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Vincent Nyonda-Fisher

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0% Raised of $1,500 Goal

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