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Streetlights Production Assistant Program, Inc.

Streetlights’ mission is to create careers for economically (or poverty level) and socially disadvantaged young adult minorities while promoting ethnic diversity in the Entertainment Industry workforce. Tax ID 95-4499501


Since 1992, STREETLIGHTS has been bringing ethnic diversity to the behind-the-camera world of Feature Film, Television and Commercial production.  Our mission is to enable talented and motivated young ethnic minorities, many economically or socially disadvantaged, to achieve long-term economic stability and career success.

To accomplish true diversity in the Industry, we believe that a minority talent pool must be created to provide companies with ethnically diverse crew members from a range of job categories – Gaffer to Grip, Producer to Production Assistant.

To that end, STREETLIGHTSprovides an opportunity to break into this creative and well-paying business through entry-level Production Assistant (P.A.) Training, while at the same time helping highly experienced and motivated graduates advance through the ground-breaking Commercial Diversity Initiative.

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