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Street’s Hope provides holistic restorative services to women escaping sex trafficking nurturing the resilience needed to heal and thrive. Street’s Hope envisions a healthy community void of sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry where every woman is empowered and restored to her humanity. Tax ID 20-0326829


Every Woman Deserves Dignity and Respect

Street’s Hope offers a broad range of holistic services for women escaping sex trafficking. Our complete program is designed to enable us to partner with multiple stakeholders including law enforcement, the homeless community, and addiction service providers in order to assist women 18 and over who are or have been engaged in any of the multiple manifestations of sex for hire.

We serve women experiencing the concomitant abuse, trauma and addiction that is part of this widespread, multi-billion dollar industry.  As the only residential program serving adult women across the Rocky Mountain region, we nurture women trapped in the sex industry and help them transform and thrive.

The Challenge

It starts as young as 13.  They are branded, trafficked, bought and sold as property.  Abused over and over again, there is often no way out; just like a war vet, they suffer from PTSD and their average lifespan is a dismal 7 years.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of people for labor or commercial sex. Denver is a major hub for trafficking and it is getting worse.  On average, 355 unaccompanied minors experience homelessness every night and 1 in 3 runaway teens are recruited within 48 hours of leaving home.  70% of homeless youth engage in prostitution simply to meet their daily needs. There is a severe shortage of victim services and online classifieds are making it easier to break the law.

Our Solution

Street’s Hope offers respite; a place to regain ones humanity and a place to start over. Street’s Hope restores dignity by facilitating the transition for each woman to cultivate a balanced life (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), to become self-supporting apart from the sex industry, and to be an active community participant.  

But there’s more to do!  To systemically address this issue, more beds are necessary, a crisis shelter and intake facility are a needed critical first step for victims, and community-supported transitional housing is necessary for sustainability.  There is so much work to do, but with your help we can and will succeed.