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It's Working! StreetWaves empowers at-risk youth from under-resourced communities through our water sports mentorship program that offers surfing, paddleboarding and sailing lessons free of charge. Through your support, StreetWaves is able to provide a life-changing summer experience to a child in need. Want to get involved? Become a Team Leader by pledging to raise funds for our Summer Surf Camp today. Tax ID 27-0264330


StreetWaves Summer Surf Camp is committed to empowering at risk youth from under resourced communities by exposing them to the majesty of the ocean through our surf mentorship program offered by qualified staff and volunteers. Creating a safe haven, we offer surfing, paddleboarding and sailing lessons free of charge through your sponsored support.

Our Summer Surf Camp, which begins June 1st and lasts through August 31st, provides an educational and inspiring daily camp experience for organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Overtown Youth Center, Educate Tomorrow, Empowered Youth and a host of other schools, churches and families in need.  Providing an alternative recreational stimulant that is non-competitive, StreetWaves Summer Surf Camp gives participants the opportunity to freely express themselves and expand their physical, emotional and spiritual horizons.


By getting your friends and family involved, you can support a child in need to experience a life changing opportunity at StreetWaves Summer Surf Camp.

Help us reach our Summer Goal! START YOUR TEAM TODAY.  Your collective contribution opens up an ocean of possibilities for our children.



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