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Strength Courage & Wisdom Foundation

Strength Courage & Wisdom Found...
CROWDRISE : Jul 10, 2017
Tax ID: 46-2229911
BASED: Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Strength Courage &Wisdom

The Strength, Courage, and Wisdom Foundation's mission is to transform and renew lives that have been challenged by adversities. Our governing body will adopt specific charitable organizations yearly to donate proceeds through fundraising activities or events, raising awareness impacting families and communities. "


S.C.W Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. We have raised awareness to families and communities impacted by Cancer,  Diabetes, Lupus, Alzheimer's disease, Domestic Violence and  partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services in Allegheny County;  providing the “Better Choice Better Health” community outreach workshop series, geared toward senior citizens. S.C.W Foundation also delivered moderate to low impact workouts for all ages promoting lifestyle changes to prevent diseases. Through our health and human service initiative we have

The Annual Bowl jam event a combination of bowling and dancing promotes Heart Health which encourages    families to get up and get active taking strides in combating heart disease.

The Annual Appreciation Picnic event promotes family interactions with many outdoor activities ensuring the participants we serve understand the importance of building strong relationships in the home and in the community.

 Self-defense program partners with instructors from Body & Mind LLC prepare, develop and train inner-city youth on the basic self defense techniques needed to avoid and escape an attack or sexual assault  and to heighten their self awareness skills.

Annual Gala event is established to connect families and communities effected by an obstacle with resources to help transform and renew their lives. Through dissemination of support pamphlets, prevention brochures and nutritional product, participants are equipped to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.   Keynote speakers give individuals and families hope to overcome the adversity. Survivors are honored with a certificate of courage.

Tax ID: 46-2229911 •


Strength Courage & Wisdom Foundation's  Annual Benefit Gala  and  Health and Human Service Prog

Strength Courage & Wisdom Fo…

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Strength Courage & Wisdom Foundation

Strength Courage & Wisdom Fo…

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