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Strive For Change Foundation

Strive For Change Foundation
CROWDRISE : May 05, 2014
Tax ID: 26-1409546
BASED: Oakland, CA, United States


Strive For Change Foundation

Fight Poverty

Strive for Change Foundation (SFCF) was founded in 2004 to create opportunities for the working poor in the East Bay to help break the cycle of poverty. We identify, fundraise and support community-based organizations that provide effective job skills training, mentoring, and job placement support to improve their employment potential and economic self-sufficiency. The Stride Center in Oakland is one of the local organizations that we have supported for many years.

Why Give to Strive For Change Foundation?

We Give 100%

Every dollar of your tax-deductible donation – 100% - goes directly to the organizations we support.  All administrative expenses are covered by sponsors and volunteer board members.

We are Locally Focused

All donations are 100% focused on local East Bay organizations.  The Stride Center featured in this Challenge effort is based in Oakland, CA and one of the many organizations we support.

We Do the Homework

We rigorously research, select and monitor the grantee organizations we fund to ensure that your donations contribute to meaningful and effective programs that support the working poor.  To learn about the community organizations we currently fund, please visit our website!

Who Are the Working Poor?

The working poor are defined as people who are employed, but live in relative poverty due to low levels of pay that are not enough to support themselves or their families.  They are working hard, but are not able to end the cycle of poverty for their families. 

Tax ID: 26-1409546 •


Strive for Change Foundation Challenge

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