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Southeast Rural Community Outreach Ministries

The 10th Annual Strong Threads African American Heritage Festival will take place Saturday, February 18, 2017 at the St. John Holistic Wellness Center in Hopkins, SC. Donations and sponsorships are needed to continue this immensely popular educational event. Tax ID 20-2847013


SERCO, South East Rural Community Outreach, is a nonprofit based in Hopkins, SC. Our focus include historical and heritage preservation, conservation, tourism, community education and enrichment. Strong Threads has been supported for 9 years with funds from the Richland County Hospitality Tax Fund. Since those funds have been reallocated  for this year by the County council, Strong Threads is in need of support form others. Thousands attend this exciting event every year from several states and look forward to attending this year. 

Other projects sponsored by SERCO include the Congaree Swampfest in partnership with the Congaree National Park and the very popular Blues, Bar-B-Que and Jazz event in October.




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