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Struggle with mental health for Sarasota FLorida.

Organized by: Natalie Parr

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Hi I'm a single mom looking to raise money for my mental health and my mental health community hospitals here in Sarasota Florida. I have a 1 year old daughter who is my whole world and I want nothing but complete mental health on behalf of her. Living in Sarasota I have come to a realization of how important this is. The current hospital here in Sarasota, is coastal behavior mental health. Coastal has been my home away from home on and off for ten years. For ten years I have struggled holding jobs because of my chronic depression, bipolar, PTSD from being abused and repetivily rapped and OCD picking. Although it might sound scary that is nothing compared to some of my fellow patients I have met at Coastal; some of them have gone through worse. I also have six herniated discs in my back and spinal chord damage which makes every day extremely painful physically and mentally. I used to use oxicodone in 2009 to help. The day I wanted two "Roxie's ," I turned myself into treatment turned down the narcotics completely ever since. I grin and bare it every day. The doctors and Coastal in my area have a habit of prescribing hard core pharmaceutical psychiatric medications to some patients with out checking their blood work first to find out what the patient needs. I feel as though throughout the years I've been a "lab rat." For example I told one doctor I can not take Prozac it makes me crazy and I cried for three weeks. His return was just see how this goes. Leaving me cutting and having drastic episodes and horrific nightmares. I was released from Coastal 4/13/2014 from my recent baker act. I was going through withdrawal from not havin my medications because it cost almost $300 for one months script. I do not have a job and I am not on disability. And all these years of wrong medications no solid diagnosis until this year has prevented me from achieving mental stability and understanding of my illness. Let me tell you about Coastal. Coastal is one of the only places in Sarasota for mental health. They need more employees, they need better employees, they need a bigger facility and with the new art district moving in at the end of tenth street. I think it is irresposible to put other non ill people and children at risk too. With the exceptional status Sarasota has. It's hospitals should be rising to its own standards but cannot due to lack of funding. I would also like to throw in the Salvation Army is down the street as well. Homeless people even with children are required to pay $300 a month to live and stay there. People wander the streets down town sleeping where they think they will stay hidden from the police. I seen people in mental distress walking up and down te streets of my town with no where to go or turn. Just to get thrown back. When I first went to coastal they used to have group with a therapist three times a day. All the nurses and the doctors spoke together about treatment options with the patient. It did not continue throughout these ten years. Leaving many in mental limbo with their treatment. My goal is to bring back more professional and patient mental health doctors and staff to this establishment. Men and women are seperated at night only. It I very uncomfortable for myself and other women. The showers are old and cold the bathroom, drinking fountain and dishes are filthy mucked with crud. The psych aids man handle patients who are sick like they are criminals. When we are merely just scared out of our minds. The halls give off echos of terrifying screams all through the night if there is a patient in the quite rooms.employees slam doors through out the night. Patients some times wander the halls and constantly break the phone. I have personally fixed it myself and have been treated like a criminal getting tackled by 350lb male Pshyc tech and a 200lb Pshyc tech whom slammed my head multiple times into the concreat floor. There are nurses there who loose their cool too easily railing up the patients. This past weekend there was a patient who never speels unless touched and she has a rutein before she pours her drink. She always makes a mess. One Pshyc aid refused to let her eat lunch because she wanted to pour her own drink saying softly repetivily "me do me do." It broke my heart this is not right we aren't animals. Instead of suing I want to help and I have no money. Just love for my family and a shot at a better life in my community. I can't afford the doctors on my own and this is the only establishment like I said. I would rather the place I need to go in crisis be fixed and get the nessisary employees and building it needs to be run properly.


Organized by

Natalie Parr

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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