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Struggling Family

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Samantha Catalano


I am a very hard working mother of two beautiful children. Alice is my oldest at 8 years old, and Rosie is 2 years old. I work as often as I can, mainly as a housekeeper but I also pick up any gig I can which can be anything from painting a house to ghost writing fiction stories online. None of these jobs pay over $50, which makes it a constant struggle to stay afloat but I am still grateful for the work I can get. I've recently become the sole caregiver of my disabled mother who has diabetic kidney disease. She honestly is only comfortable with me taking care of her and given the circumstances, I want to spend every moment I have with her. This is also why I am no longer able to work my previous full time job. Before having to quit I was a lot more financially stable and found out that I am expecting my third child. My family of 4, soon to be 5 is currently living out of a very small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Alice and Grandma share one bedroom, my daughter Rose sleeps on a bed we've put in the living room and I sleep on a very broken couch. I am the sole provider for my family and do the best that I can to cover the costs of education, clothes for the kids, food, rent and the cost of travel to my Mom's many DR appointments. I cannot afford bigger beds, adequate furniture or what we need the most a bigger space. I can maintain rent at a larger place but coming up with moving costs, first months rent and security would be impossible. I desperately need to move before the new baby is born. There isn't even space here for a crib and I need at least the bare minimum to properly take care of a newborn and my existing children. My mother has taken care of me my entire life and I will not turn my back on her, unfortunately the rest of my family has. No matter how hard things may get I consider it an honor to have 3 generations of women under one roof and to take care of her. I work from sun up to sun down and I am very creative with how I find employment even while pregnant but the money I make is barely enough to feed us. I give back to my community and volunteer at 3 different local charities seasonally. While I understand times are tough for everyone, I've seen true goodness and charity through my volunteer work and the difference it can make, so I am hoping that it can help me through my difficult situation as well. My children need a safe, warm and loving place they can call home not just a mattress they can sleep on. My mother needs to rest easy at night knowing that she is no burden but rather a blessing and every sacrifice I make for her can never equal half of the ones she has made for me. I would be more than grateful, the ability to provide what my family needs would absolutely change their lives forever.



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