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Struggling with parents debts

Organized by: Daniel Jacobsen

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Dear all, Before going into the problems I'm trying to solve for my parents I want to tell you all about myself and my family. I'm 27 year old and come from Sweden. I work full-time as a Network Technician and come from a family of five, counting one sister and one brother. Myself I'm the youngest, my brother is two years older and my sister is five years older. My sister has a disabled daughter who is suffering a case of Cerebral pares and she needs a lot of attention. She is about five years old now and gets around very well in her wheel chair which she needs due to the inability of walking. My sister is only working part-time due to the hard work at home and is seeing a doctor due to stress symptoms. Alongside, my brother just recently got diagnosied with schizophrenia... something very sudden and it has hit me very hard. Lately I've found that I had problems focusing at work and keeping track of paying bills in time, etc. My brother was just like anyone else... he had a good job, an apartment of his own and a good social life. Right now he ain't looking healthy as before and according to his doctor he will need a long rehabilitation. Now to my parents... my mom is just over 50 and dad just over 70, making mom the only one working right now and dad is collecting his retirement funds which continously is decreasing. My parents always helped us out when we were younger, if we needed a ride somewhere they wouldn't hesitate much... if we would ask to go to see a movie they wouldn't say no... if one of us alone would ask for something they would later on give the same to my brother and sister - only to make it fair for everyone. My parents has simply always been there for me whenever I needed help, lately I've found that they need urgent help and I've been struggling for almost a year to pay back what they helped me with all my life. Somewhere in February or so I found out that my parents had gathered a big pile of loans and now had problems paying the monthly payments as per the agreement with the banks. Myself I had no real debts yet and managed to get a loan of roughly 20000$ which I gave them. Sadly I found out about the debts late and there were historical payments that hadn't been made yet, many on their way to go to collection. There was also some warnings about loans being cancelled and this is what I believe made my parents come to me. The 25000$ loan I managed to get was more or less used to pay historical payments and get the banks not to cancel any of the loans. I had gotten them to a situation where they were back on track with the monthly payments but it was only short-lived. Their car broke down just shortly after and new unexpected bills came in, bills they were unable to pay and at the same time they didn't want to come back asking me for more help... they did so first after a few more months and the bills were piled up again. Seeing as the 25000$ loan was my only burden I managed to get another 15000$ for them... but this time they needed a car too.. With that said, some of the money was used to buy them a car so that mom can drive to work and the rest of the money was used to pay another few months of historical bills. This is where I am at now... I've found that my monthly bills almost doubled and my parents are still struggling. The situation is that we each month talk to eachother about what bills are expected and what income we have all together, then I give them what I believe they need to make the month. It has been hard to see an end to this and for each month that goes by I only see us pay bills but not really getting anywhere as the loans cover several years. All I want to do is to give my parents what they deserve, they've given my everything they could for as long as I can remember and I would be ashamed not trying to do the same. I still keep a good track of my own bills and can manage it but my parents are still struggling which also makes me struggle as well as worry. I do not keep all the numbers in my head but I believe that my parents debts is somewhere around 30000$ which I want to help them erase regardless of the time it will take, what I hope is that you can help me help my parents. Mom is doing a lot of overtime and even held some yard-sales to try to get some extra cash, I took some of my stuff to help her with the yard-sales but it is clearly not enough... I'm desperate for help in this matter and I hope that anyone out there could help me, only 1$ makes a difference and I'm deeply grateful for any help I can get. Best Regards Daniel


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Daniel Jacobsen

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