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Student Advocacy Center of Michigan Inc. Tax ID 38-2058667


Student Advocacy Center exists to help out-of-school and at-risk students get back into school and on a path to learning to be productive citizens. An education unlocks almost all opportunities. But students of all ages can be out of school for many reasons -- mental illness, foster care, homelessness, school discipline, home life, disabilities, school bureaucracy.  Out of school students are at risk of dropping completely out of the economy. We just can’t afford that for these young people or for our society. The SAC inter-disciplinary team is there to provide one-on-one counseling, support, mentoring and to help open doors. We partner with schools to develop safe ways for at-risk students to stay in school -- or we develop alternative learning paths for students.  We also try to use what we learn from families to impact larger policies and practices. We love to give our students the support and opportunities they need to have a voice in the policies that affect them every day.