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It's a pretty rough time to be a kid. 


Think about it -- parents think we're addicted to Facebook, teachers think we've lost passion, and even our politicians say that the future is grim. Essentially, the younger generation is all set to be saddled with some of the world's worst problems to date, and everyone thinks we're completely unprepared. 


So a few kids came up with a solution.


At the Student Leader Union, we know the claims that kids today lack drive or ambition are false. But the claim that we're unprepared -- that's a little more accurate. It's not that we don't have passion -- everyone has passion! Instead, we lack the leadership skills to put our passion into action and to turn our dreams into successes.

The Student Leader Union provides students in middle and high school with professional-level leadership training. We hold conferences, seminars, and even have high school chapters to teach teens how to mobilize their communities through effective leadership. The skills that we offer to our members is invaluable in helping their organizations to perform good works for our community, our nation, and our world.


And the crazy part is...

The Student Leader Union approaches leadership through a youth-oriented model. This means we take what we're known for -- peer pressure and connectedness -- and turn it into assets. We focus on the 4 P's: the Power of Positive Peer Pressure, in which we teach kids to "make it cool" to serve as leaders in their communities. We hope that the Student Leader Union will help to create a generation of leaders that can fix our communities' problems today and in the future.