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About students & education in Indonesia

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This movie will teach all students in Indonesia and around the world. If only smart people can fail. How about the guys who are lazy to learn?

We are a group of filmmakers came from Jakarta, Indonesia. Together, our professional experience of working as an assistant director on many films, television commercials and documentaries in Indonesia.


National Examination in Indonesia into a polemic that is not resolved and has always been controversial.

Many students become confused when they see the results of National Examination, not least because of several students who became Olympic champion in the field of education, in the end did not pass the National Exam. Though they are very clever. The film will lift some of the winners of Olympic education students who do not pass the national exams in Indonesia.

During the last 2 years. We completed 80% of this screenplay. But like most any production, the fund became one of the factors that become an obstacle to the sustainability of the project.
We plan in the month of April 2013 was able to do the shooting of this movie, it's because thanks to the support of you all. For the sake of improving the quality of education in our country.

WHAT WE ASK OF YOU: Your Support! With funds raised through crowdfunding , we will be able to cover the remaining cost of rental equipment, supplies, and food for our crew. In addition, the cost of entry into film festivals - including the student film festival - do not come cheap. So after sending pebbles into the Film Festival in Indonesia or International, we would like to share this film is a road show in several regions in Indonesia. . From $ 25 to $ 500, your contributions will not only give you a unique gift, but also will help the gravel come to life.



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