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Students Helping Honduras



Our mission is to build a movement of young leaders to empower orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras.

In 2005, an ordinary college student from the University of Mary Washington traveled to Honduras as a volunteer. Back on campus, he began raising money for the children he met in the local orphanages, schools and communities in Honduras. During the first penny drive, he raised a little over $20. Shortly after, his sister at the College of William & Mary joined the cause and began organizing small bake sales on her campus. But the efforts of two people just weren’t enough.

To increase their support, the siblings organized a group of 7 friends to travel down to Honduras with them the following summer. In 2007, the siblings created SHH and incorporated the organization as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since then, the organization has grown exponentially and has received coverage on CNN and Larry King Live.

SHH has now raised more than $1 million through bake sales, car washes and small donations to benefit partnering orphanages, schools and communities in Honduras. With nearly 100 universities and high schools now involved with SHH, the organization hopes to spread the cause to every campus in the US by 2020.

SHH now provides exciting volunteer opportunities in Honduras to hundreds of students and adults each year and empowers them to raise funds and awareness to help the poor in Honduras raise themselves out of poverty.

Together, we can end extreme poverty in Honduras.