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Studio time for E3 Ministry Music

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Hello friends and brethren, I'm starting a new crowd Rise fund for the music of E3 the Fathers Ministry of the Return of Elijah!! I am writing many new songs that are 100% Kingdom Gospel Music that is aimed at sending a message to many people and bringing light into the darkness of the corrupt world we live in. I am trying to get an album done by the end of summer and I have 4 songs done already in two different recording studios. 3 songs are from 1999 and are very prophetic of the future I am now living in. I just got the 4 th song recorded Friday June 23rd 2017. This song is going to be released as a demo as soon the Master mix is completed by the producer at Lightning Bolt records Mark Fleming. I am not signed to this Independent Record Label as of yet but it is the studio where I do the records at. This Album will be the First L.P. Done by E3 Kingdom Gospel and will be very powerful to the Evangelical portion of the E3 Kingdom Gospel Ministry. I am being straight forward with all of you concerning the future of this Ministry and the future talent scouting I will be doing putting together tours of Christian Prophetic music and Testimony. This is the start of the Kingdom Come Ministry which all of the funds that are made in the future will be directed at the mission field of persecuted regions of the globe and helping the many children in need of food and clothes and housing in Pakistan. The simple coming together with music to Glorify the Father and His Son Yeshua/ Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be enough to get the ball rolling on what we as the brethren and Body of Christ must do to help our brothers and sisters in these Muslim territories. The old fundraiser is obcelete and the funds returned to those who donated as of January 2017. Please do not donate if you cannot afford to do so , I know the Father will provide from those who are more fortunate because this Ministry will never take money from the poor if I can help it. I know it's true what Jesus said about the woman who gave of her last mite to His Ministry, how much more she was blessed for giving all she had ! Please do not do that , I trust the Lord has provided financially for some more than others and we are going for a real low amount to start off with of just 1,000 because I'm getting good rates with the producer and Vice President of the Studio and Lighting Bolt Records. I also understand that the Premise of the Ministry is controversial and radically revolutionary for the Christian scene in general. Nonetheless, that is very good thing too as Yeshua/ Jesus, was very revolutionary Himself and the Spirit of God is Amazing and Radical too ! You know that we stand together in these last days before the Son of God Returns, have faith in God alone and know and see how He will work in this Ministry! Lastly, I want to say how greatful I am to all the brethren I've met over this past year of proclaiming Gods justice upon the earth! When E3 Ministry grows we will bring a king all other small independent Ministers who need help and want to tour with E3 across America first then when the Father makes ready we will venture to other countries and visit the downtrodden and bring joy in the outermost parts. Thank you again your brother Elion, Elijah Rain. As many of you know that is the new name that was given to me for the work of the Kingdom. Stay blessed and live a Spirit filled life unto the Lord!



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Glenn is working on selecting a charity so you can support Studio time for E3 Ministry Music.