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Seize The World empowers people with seizures to lead active lifestyles through community-based programs that raise public awareness of epilepsy.


Seize The World is a 501(c)(3) public charity that works to raise awareness of epilepsy by building a community based on active lifestyles.

We foster hope and inspiration by sharing the stories of children and adults who are affected by seizures.  Seize The World provides valuable emotional and moral support through our own programs and we can also link people to appropriate medical support with help from partner organizations.  We also fill an important role in terms of raising general awareness of epilepsy and basic seizure first aid.

Seize The World is both a real and a virtual community where people can share information and support. Seize The World grows in size and strength through its members and its stories.


Share Your Story (SYS)

Each month, Share Your Story highlights the achievements of a particular person who has found a way to overcome epilepsy through activities such as sports, academics or charity involvement.  SYS profiles individuals who have epilepsy themselves or who support others with epilepsy, such as health care professionals and family members. Candidates are selected based on simple criteria.  They must have epilepsy or work with a person who has epilepsy. Participants must demonstrate an ability to overcome epilepsy or to help others to do so through involvement in healthy activities such as sports, academics or charitable work. Seize The World interviews candidates before featuring them on the Foundation's website and through the publications of the Foundation's partner non-profit and media organizations.  If you would like to Share Your Story, please contact our outreach director Ian McKittrick - ian@seizetheworld.org.

Deanna Adams was one of the first people to share her story through Seize The World.  Deanna, who has regular seizures, has completed several extreme endurance bicycle races.

Deanna Adams was one of the first people to share her story 

through Seize The World.  Deanna, who has regular seizures,

has completed several extreme endurance bicycle races.   


Cycling The World

Seize The World worked for 16 months between 2008 and 2010 on a bicycle tour around the world to demonstrate that people with epilepsy can lead active lifestyles.  STW's Executive Director, Stephen Allen, rode his bicycle for 13,200 miles through 22 countries during that time.  Stephen has had epilepsy since age 15.  The Foundation's directors set up a series of 20 slide show presentations for Stephen in various parts of the world.  They also established links with several newspapers and magazines so that the Seize The World story could be shared.  Check out www.seizetheworld.com to read about the journey. 


Stephen Allen cycling through Turkey.  June, 2010.