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Successful Women Of America Inc

Successful Women Of America Inc
CROWDRISE : Apr 12, 2017
Tax ID: 47-3576936
BASED: Mariposa, CA, United States


Women Empowering Women

We believe in the Whole Woman Concept. We believe that no one area in our lives can dictate or measure our success as a woman. We celebrate success in all areas of our lives and live to empower, educate, and celebrate the successes of others.

Mission Statement 
The mission of Successful Women of America, Inc is to bring an eclectic, diverse group of women together to empower, inspire, connect, support and educate one another, as women, to achieve personal, professional and/or community goals.  

Additionally, our mission is to share the Whole Woman Concept and honor individual successes in all areas of each other's lives; big and small, intrinsic and monetary, personal, professional, family or community based successes, as they are all equally valuable to the growth of the Whole Woman.

to improve the lives of women in our community by creating multiple forums through mixers, virtual and print medias, and community activities that foster personal and professional connections, successes, and development.

to improve the lives of women through community-based group activities whose goals and objectives match those of Successful Women of America.

to create opportunities through seminars, speaking engagements, demonstrations, webinars and other medias that will teach specific skills, educate on a variety topics, and foster interests of Successful Women of America, Central Valley.

to improve our community by developing a youth program that fosters core values and life skills that will lend to the growth and development of a young lady becoming an empowered woman.

to create a welcoming, open, non-discriminating, non-denominational environment that women seeking support, empowerment, encouragement, assistance, and/or connections with other women may visit to achieve their goals.

to create an environment where women in our community can share their expertise, values, and experience to mentor other women in our area.

to create opportunities through scholarships that will foster personal and professional development when scholarship monies are available.

Tax ID: 47-3576936 •


Successful Women of America

Successful Women of America

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