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What is Soccer In The Streets & Success In The Streets?

Success In The Streets®s, a South Florida and Philadelphia based non-profit organization, along with Soccer In The Streets®, an Atlanta based nationwide non-profit organization develop soccer, educational and life-skills program for “at-risk” kids in underserved communities. Since its inception in 1989, Soccer In The Streets has positively changed the lives of over 125,000 disadvantaged kids in more than 75 U.S. cities. The experience and skills learned through Soccer In The Streets programs better prepare youth for life and create further opportunities in the field of soccer and academia. Soccer In The Streets is committed to building the life of kids through soccer and making it a true sport for all regardless of ethnic or economic background.

Success In The Streets, since its inception in 2005, has been followis the same principals and guidelines set forth in the “Positive Choice Curriculum” of Soccer In The Streets. Our goal is to duplicate the results and efforts of the Soccer In The Streets while adding additional non-sports related programs to offer a complete and diversified approach to providing anti-drug, gang and violence alternatives to the youth and young adults we serve.

Our mission statements of “Building Unity Within Our Communities” as well as “Taking The Time To Touch The Lives Of Others” carries on throughout the entire family unit and instills togetherness for everyone we work with in our positive alternative approach.

Some of the Unique Programs We Offer:

•In the Positive-Choice™ Soccer program, at-risk youth are encouraged to use soccer to examine the choices they make in life and how those choices will impact their future. Through participation in Positive-Choice Soccer, kids learn to chart a course for their life away from unhealthy behavior, such as drug use and participation in gangs, and towards a better education, career, a healthier lifestyle and personal growth. The Positive-Choice program ties life skills with soccer skills teaching young people to associate these fun activities with the skills necessary to be successful.

•The Street-Box™ which, provides a venue for the Positive-Choice program, is a modified soccer field – roughly the size of a tennis court – complete with an all-weather playing surface, permanent goals and durable waist-high plastic perimeter boards. The Street-Box, which is designed for use in urban areas and gives kids who live in these communities a place of their own to play soccer, first opened in East Point, GA in May 2002. A second location in Allen Park, Sandy Springs, opened in September 2002, both in the Atlanta metro area. We currently have 12 Street-Box Locations ear-marked for future projects Inner City Philadelphia.

•Street-Cups, free one-day tournaments, are an opportunity to give disadvantaged kids an opportunity for positive interaction with others. The Street-Cup is open to all young soccer players who wish to attend, at all skill levels, but is especially geared for kids who may not have the means for traditional league play. Promoting fair play and interaction among kids of diverse backgrounds, the Street-Cup series is an example of the power of the sport of soccer in bringing people together. They are an opportunity for Positive-Choice Soccer graduates to demonstrate the skills they have learned and build on that foundation.

How Success In The Streets & Soccer In The Streets programs impact a community:

•Prior to implementing the “Positive-Choice Soccer” program, the kids often demonstrated poor discipline, poor behavior and disrespect amongst one another. Through the Positive-Choice Soccer curriculum, peer conflict among the kids decreased by 81%. At the outset, three out of five youth had difficulty interacting with their peers without conflict, while only 1 in 8 exhibited the same tendencies at the end of the 18-week implementation.