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Bonobo Hope

Bonobo Hope
Ridgedale, MO United States
Stuff About Me:

Bonobo Hope is an nonprofit 501c3 dedicated to understanding and conserving all 5 great ape species. It supports the only group of bonobos who are have become able to communicate linguistically with humans as well as wild bonobos. It supports inter-species communication between all 5 great apes; humans, bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans in both captive and noncaptive settings.


This fund raiser is deducted to helping establish February 14 as World Bonobo Day. Bonobos are the only one of the five ape species that have developed and consciously employ a strategy of conflict resolution in all social settings.


Their conflict resolution is based on extending their Hearts Love and their Hearts Call for an immediate end to all discord, for the sharing of all resources and for group Harmony and Bonobo song.


They lives in tribes, as do humans, and the males help care for young as do human males. Every member of the group dedicates themselves to raising the youngsters- who can do no wrong and always loved. 


For this reason they are ideal ape to be the symbol for February 14, a day when we HOPE all the world will seek to send their Hearts Call for and end to all human discord. 



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