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CAUSE keeps you and your family safer by requiring criminal background checks for service workers. Every day CAUSE advocates for your safety through consumer awareness, service provider education, and legislation. Our goal is simple: to ensure that every service technician coming into your home is properly background screened. Every dollar raised directly supports our mission. Whether it's speaking to local PTA groups or at a national conference, sharing Sue's story with a neighbor or testifying in D.C. in support of consumer safety, educating a small service business or a national franchise on proper background screening...your safety is our priority. Sue's story is not an isolated case, and we're here to do everything we can to ensure it never happens again. Your support matters. Your support is making a difference. Tax ID 20-1000610


My sister, Cathy Sue Weaver, was raped and beaten to death in her suburban Orlando, FL home on August 27, 2001.  Her killer then set her home on fire with the intent of destroying any evidence.

Six months prior to her murder, Sue had contracted with Burdine’s, a premier FL department store, to have the air ducts in her home cleaned.  Unbeknownst to her, both of the men sent on the service call had criminal records. One of the men was a twice-convicted sex offender on parole.  Six months after the service work was completed, Jeffrey Hefling returned to Sue’s home to rape and murder her.

Sue’s murder is not an isolated case.  Tragically, many consumers are sexually assaulted and murdered each year by employees whose jobs allow them access to their victims.  The Sue Weaver CAUSE, Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment, has been founded in Sue’s memory to promote education and awareness to the dangers of not knowing who you hire. CAUSE’s national awareness campaign educates consumers, employers and legislators on the necessity of proper annual criminal background checks on workers entering our homes or working with the vulnerable populations.

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