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Sugar Paws Rescue Assist Inc

Saving animals and helping the animal rescue community by providing adoption events at no cost to shelters or rescues, placing homeless animals, and creating custom events to address unique needs of the community. We help get them home. Tax ID 47-4497794


Who We Are, What We Do, and How We're Different

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization providing destination adoption events throughout the year, at no cost to the animal shelters or rescues, assisting with animal hoarding, neglect and abuse cases, conducting puppy mill rescues, placing homeless animals, and creating custom events to address unique needs of the community.  


We help get them home.


We cultivate family opportunities.  We address a social need intelligently as per an informed legal and local level marketing perspective.  We set higher standards for a more effortless, next-level adoption event.  We are “smart advocacy.” 


Every year thousands of adoptable, beautiful, loving and loveable dogs, cats, and other small animals are killed in our great country because homes are not identified.  We know the homes are there with people whose lives will be enriched by a new family member. We want to help map our tireless, inspiring animal rescues and shelters to the adopters. The seemingly challenging process can be even more rewarding with the right approach.  Let’s make this easier, and let’s make it fun.  Our events are happy gatherings, filled with dedicated animal rescue groups, open admission shelters, and volunteers, all working together as friends and family to create a relaxed, uncomplicated, joyful experience for the adopting public, and especially for the animals.  


We aren't here to simply improve what is already being done.  We are here to address what is missing.


The most highly valued startups of our day get there by leveraging existing infrastructure and/or technology.  We see the immense opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of countless, yet fragmented, animal rescues, rescuers, and open-admission shelters working to save our animals.  Great work is being done pulling them from the shelters, from criminal situations, neglect and homelessness, and great work to prevent animals from entering the shelters or becoming homeless through owner retention programs and spay and neuter, and trap, neuter, return programs for our community cats. There are so many groups and rescuers working through the night to take animals in danger of euthanasia out of open-admission shelters and into their limited number of foster homes or costly boarding facilities until adoption.  We are grateful to work alongside so many wonderful rescuers and shelters - BUT- what is missing is a reliable no cost resource to help direct temporary animal placement to permanent homes.  


The current dynamic represents a default to the way it’s always been done.  No more.  As a non-profit we can of course retain our passion, while also being well-managed, structured, smarter and effective. 


Our approach results in enabling the ability and freedom for affiliated groups to save more animals.  They can plan around our coming events schedule.  The typical “fire drill” cycle of rushing to save animals, but then have to resort to deferring to costly boarding facilities or veterinarian boarding will change.  We are here.  We help the rescues and shelters move forward in the near-term, significantly reducing animal boarding or further shelter crowding, with a focus on keeping the animals moving, moving into loving, permanent homes. ​  


Groups can plan in advance and know there is an exit strategy, know there is a safe and effective adoption event they can attend, and not have to pay to attend.  


Most current large adoption events are for-profit businesses, and often charge groups to attend, charge for their volunteers to attend, and charge the groups to sell merchandise at the events. Those costs add up for already financially burdened animal groups.  We are here to eliminate those costs.  We want the rescues and shelters to spend their money on animal care, not on adoption events.   And, coming from our animal welfare backgrounds, we include veterinary approved medical requirements for all animals attending to ensure the adoption events are as safe as possible for both animals and the public.


We have the experience and skills to knowledgeably prioritize animal welfare and public safety. We have exceptional experience on all sides of animal rescue. We have spent years working for national animal welfare organizations, as well as volunteering and working with local animal rescue and welfare groups and open admission shelters.  Together we share the rare experience of creating and overseeing years of adoption events, including large scale multi-day adoption events with hundreds of animals from numerous groups in attendance, and resulting in hundreds of adoptions per event.  


We bring to Sugar Paws all that we have seen, experienced, and practiced over the years - including animal rescue from danger, neglect, hoarding, homelessness, and puppy mills, providing transport, safe placement, and medical and behavior decisions, as well as cultivating relationships with vendors, corporate and media partners, and community organizations - culminating in effective life saving, events, and cherished relationships.  We will continue our work in these life saving endeavors in addition to our animal adoption events. 


Our leadership has capitalized on a firm business and legal foundation, with presence on both the New York and Connecticut Bar Associations, bringing much needed insight, judgment, and strategic thinking. Our board members have experience running and working with nationally highly sophisticated to start-up grassroots non-profits. Sure, passion alone should be enough, but in this day and age of intense competition for limited resources… it is not enough.  And animals pay the price with their lives. 


We recognize the importance of passion AND technical competency.  In addition to our legal acumen, we have veterinarians, trainers, and emergency medical personnel at every event, as well as event volunteers trained in basic animal handling and behavior, disease control, and safety.  We consider the needs of the animals, the rescues and shelters, and the public, to minimize stress while increasing animal visibility and adoption.


Participating groups are vetted and must provide required medical information in order to attend our events, and to join in our efforts.  We value our relationship with these groups AND with the public.  


We’ve come together as Sugar Paws to help the largest volume of animals possible, as well as the people who love and care for them.


We have happily dedicated our lives to bettering the lives of animals in need and people alike, and we love and appreciate our family in the animal welfare and rescue community. We want to do it better.  Animals and families in need deserve nothing less.


Come out when you're ready.  We’ll help you find that addition to your family.  You will meet many beautiful, loving dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals, and if you can't adopt, perhaps you can foster, donate, or volunteer. We'd love to meet you, and would be grateful for your help in our mission.


We love animals and animal people, and we love to bring them together.  Please join us.


Give love.  Change the world.


Rescue   Adopt   Foster   Volunteer   Snuggle