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Danny was 26 years old when depression took a hold of him, and he couldn’t find his way out. On March 15th, 2012 Danny was Baker Acted for attempting to take his life. 24-hours later, he was released from the Hospital, and given a bus pass to get home. The medical health professional that assessed him said he “was seeking attention”. Less than two months later, on May 7th, 2012 he died by suicide.
Danny had a very gentle & sweet heart. He was artistic & creative. He played the guitar, wrote poems & stories, and he also drew. He had many friends that loved him for who he was, and how he made them feel when they were around him. But sadly, Danny did have one enemy, his name was DEPRESSION. And his brave struggle against this ferocious foe had a very sad & final ending.
Depression is such a frightening disease that we go out of our way to minimize it, out of some sort of wishful thinking — this too shall pass. Cheer up! But saying that no one remembers his depression is an injustice to Danny and it minimizes the power of this deadly illness.
We don’t understand how depression settled heavily over his mind, weighing him down every moment of every day, to the point that even with life’s little joys, came the knowledge that sooner or later there would be yet another landslide of despair.
We confuse depression with sadness — the normal, healthy sadness we all feel while going through the end of a relationship, the difficulty of a divorce, failing in college, the loss of a job or a pet. We want to be able to point to a cause: he was depressed because of a fight; He was depressed because he was lonely & frightened; He was depressed because his x-girlfriend had a new boyfriend. Most of us manage to deal with our own divorces, bitter fights, horrific accidents & all sorts of other terrible losses. But the depressed draw on much lower reserves in dealing with life’s problems — that is, if they have any resilience at all.
Those who have never been depressed have no idea how truly difficult & painful depression truly is. Belittling depression & its debilitating nature only reinforces the isolation for those who suffer from depression. It is difficult for them to see or understand that it can & will get better. So, we owe depression the respect it deserves. The respect that if underestimated, depression will take someone’s life. And when it doesn’t take their life, it robs them of the energy & ability to function in their lives.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find this to be an important cause and hear my SOS cry to help us break the Silence Of Suicide, remove the Stigma Of Suicide and eliminate the Shame Of Suicide by donating to this event.

Marisol Martinez, Mom of Danny and Manuel (Manny) Martinez, Brother of Danny
September 8, 1985 – May 7, 2012



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