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Summer Habitats & Vet Bill Fund!

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Eden Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of unwanted pet turtles & tortoises. A little bit about us: Various circumstances arise where a person can no longer take care of their shelled friend. While the rescue options are numerous for stray/unwanted dogs & cats, there are not so many for unwanted pet turtles and tortoises. Realizing the need, we started this rescue from the overflow of our hearts. We provide a safe place for them to stay until a qualified, permanent Keeper is found. We operate from our private property in the hill country of Spring Branch, Texas (just north of San Antonio). We would love to be able to pour limitless personal funds into this rescue but we simply cannot, and this is why we ask for help from you on behalf of our current and future rescued shelled friends! We have been in operation since January 2015. Habitat Info: In the year we have been in operation we have more folks contacting us each week with a pet to relinquish. We are also starting to get calls from local animal control facilities when a tortoise is picked up as a stray. While we would love to be able to take each of them in, we simply cannot if we do not have the adequate spaces and basic means for them. Each turtle or tortoise's needs are so different; we cannot stick them all in the same pen with each other like you may be able to do with dogs or cats, for example. Since turtles and tortoises are reptiles they are not able to regulate their own body temperature and therefore require specialized care, and each come with their own specific temperature/humidity/dietary needs based on species. We have plenty of space outdoors but we do need materials to build the necessary enclosures for the spring & summer months. The UV rays and heat that the sun give to our shelled friends is absolutely essential for their growth and overall health so we place the utmost value on getting them all in predator/escape-proof, appropriate enclosures outside during the warm months (which is nearly 10 months out of the year here in Texas!). Vet Bill Fund: In the event we take in a sick turtle or tortoise we take it to a qualified reptile Veterinarian. Not only are they few and far between, but they are also very expensive. We would love to have funds saved specifically for Vet visits. Having the funds saved specifically for Vet visits eliminates the question of whether or not we can even take the animal in or if we can get an existing rescue the care they need. There are many reasons for Vet visits. They include but are not limited to: Fungal infections, Shell Rot, Respiratory Infections, Malnutrition, Injuries from- dog bites, other animals, cars, abuse from kids or adults, etc. Thank you for supporting in whatever way you choose!



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Rachel is working on selecting a charity so you can support Summer Habitats & Vet Bill Fund!.