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Summer Missionary Scholarship

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Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment, Inc. wrote -

Every summer 60 college students from universities from all over the state of Texas  come to serve thousands of campers and leaders who attend HLCCC student camps.  The SMT (Summer Missions Team) program is a volunteer based program where they receive room & board and a small stipend. They spend 13-16 hours a day serving campers through food service, maintenance, recreation teams, lifeguarding, producing worship services, cleaning dorms & toilets everyday. They also learn what it means to give their life so that others will hear the gospel & ultimately see hundreds of lives changed forever.

The Highland Lakes Camp & Conference Center Scholarship Committee is seeking your help to raise at least $2000 per student.

(Scroll to the Bottom for a list of ways your donation can help)

Will you support your missionary financially and prayerfully? Click on the DONATE button to the right to contribute and help us to keep this program going. Below you can choose a team member that you know if you would like to show your support directly to that team member. We also ask that you challenge your church to support a full scholarship for a Summer Missionary. Will you sacrifice to show your support of their sacrifice and commitment to serve Jesus for one summer of their lives? 

Why we do this?

Our world is drifting farther away from Christianity and yet so many are experiencing loss, hurt and confusion. It’s not just the lost that are suffering; Christians are experiencing these pains as well. We live in a broken world where people need Jesus more today than ever before.


Every year students and adults come to Highland Lakes Camp to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the busy life at home. Many seek to have a spiritual experience, encounter God and worship Him. Ministers and friends invite their friends to this place for many reasons. As they get away from the busy and broken world around them they are able to hear from God and their lives are changed forever.


Some who visit camp are well established with Jesus Christ. They invite those who do not know Jesus, they invite friends that are lonely even with 800+ Facebook friends.  Others come from abusive situations and are hurting and afraid. Being here for just one week gives them relief from the busy and hard places they find themselves. They will experience Gods love and mercy through your summer missionaries, leaders and camp staff. Many get saved; even more commit to a deeper walk with Jesus, while others surrender their lives to vocational ministry.


Our summer missionaries are Highland Lakes’ front line for 12 weeks as they encounter broken people, live out God’s love and share Jesus with every camper.

(Scroll to the Bottom for a list of ways your donation can help)

The Summer Missionary Program

College students journey to Highland Lakes Camp from universities across Texas, and beyond.  They volunteer for 12 weeks during the summer. Leaving behind their phones, computers, family, friends, jobs; life as they’ve known it to serve the Lord. They will train as lifeguards, recreation staff, food service staff, health techs, and maintenance, concessions, media and production crew.  They surrender to God's call becoming the beautiful feet of Christ (Rom 10:15) as they serve campers in all areas of camp operations. The Holy Spirit uses them in many ways to impact the lives of every camper.


For 12-16 hour days our summer missionaries work tirelessly, spending hours in the hot sun, they scrub toilets, clean dorm rooms and serve meals. The create environments and remove distractions so that Jesus Christ will be shared with every camper. To say the least, it is a sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice of joy.


It is difficult to understand the extent of the lost world; however, through the environment of Highland Lakes Camp, God shows the summer missionaries the hopelessness of humanity and the need for His love as they engage them on all levels. Over the summer they learn to die to self and to serve others even in the hardest of circumstances (Gal2:20), all while completing the daily tasks set before them that are necessary to maintain distraction free zones so God can speak to every camper. Summer missionaries are our front line at camp as they spread the good news of the gospel.

(Scroll to the Bottom for a list of ways your donation can help)

The Outcome:

Change starts here! Every year camper’s lives are changed as they encounter the living God. The lives of summer missionaries are also changed as they learn to die to self and allow the Holy Spirit to use them to minister to all. Many summer missionaries will change the direction of their lives after serving for the summer and many will become leaders and ministers in churches and ministries all across the world.


You too can have an impact on the legacy of Highland Lakes though your summer missionary.

(Scroll to the Bottom for a list of ways your donation can help)

How you can help:

Partner with our ministry and the sacrifice that these summer missionaries so freely give. Support them through prayer, written letters of encouragement (snail mail, email and messages), and financial support.


Donate to the Summer Missionary Program, which awards scholarships to each qualifying missionary who applies for the scholarship and satisfactorily completes the 12 weeks. You can also provide a weekly stipend of $60 to help with living expenses, where many of our summer missionaries would be unable to serve over the summer without these stipends and scholarships.


We are asking for help to fund the 2014 scholarships. Whether you have served as a summer missionary, you are a family member or friend; please send our summer missionaries messages of support by donating today. Simply click on a team member you might know or click our camp profile and enter the level of support you wish to send today. We also recommend that you send a note of encouragement directly to them in the comment section and/on their Facebook page or send them a message to Give the name of the student in the subject line so it can be forwarded directly to them.


The total cost of one student in our Summer Missionary Program is $10,000 per missionary. This includes all expenses for room and board, insurance, administrative costs, stipend and the scholarship.  We are asking that you help provide the stipend and scholarships with your generous financial gift as God leads. If all the scholarships are filled then the funds will go to the program fund.


With your help these summer missionaries will have the support they need to continue on even when the days get long and hard. You can make a difference in the life of a summer missionary and the lives of every camper at Highland Lakes.


Choose from the list below and make your contribution today. The Summer Missionary Program fund will be open through August. Please consider making a selection each month to continue showing your support!

Below is an example of what your generosity can accomplish.

$   10     lets them know you support them

$   25     and pray for them the rest of the summer

$   60     Provides 1/12 of the stipend

$150     Provides 1/12 of the scholarship

$1375-$1700    Full scholarship

$720     Full Stipend for 12 weeks


$  210   Provides 1/12 stipend and scholarship

$  420   Provides 1/6 stipend and scholarship

$  840   Provides 1 month stipend and scholarship

$1260   Provides 1/2 term stipend and scholarship

$2520   Provides full term stipend and scholarship


$  400    Provides room and board 1/12

$  800    Provides 1/6 room and board

$1600   Provides 1 month room and board

$2400   Provides 1/2 term room and board

$4800   Provides full term room and board


$5000     half support for entire summer for one missionary

$10,000  full support for one missionary


$18,000 for future housing for 4-6 missionaries (small cabins to create a mission village with 10-20 individual cottages that would house a year round mission staff and campers on a mission summer camp track.)

Total project cost is estimated to be $180,000 to $360,000.


Thank You for your prayers and support! May God bless you and your family!


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